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5 Signs You Can’t Trust Your Data Protection Company

Redstor posted in Cloud backup | 22 Mar 2016

Is our online data really safe? The vast majority of people feel that it isn’t, and the alarming amount of incidents regarding online users’ data being compromised reported from around the connected world offer little comfort. Yet reluctance to embrace the digital world is often overshadowed by the many advantages of transacting online, and the rate at which our online data sources are expanding means that we will need to continue to place our reliance and trust in companies to protect our vital information. One of the major advantages of the vastness of the internet however, is the freedom to choose how and with whom we store our vital data, and there is no choice more important than the data protection organisations we choose to securely backup and store our data. Here are five signs to lookout for to ensure that your data protection company is trustworthy:

1. Trustworthy Data Protection companies care about statistics

Great data protection companies know that their clients are only protected when all of their data is stored securely and no backups are missed. What separates the average data protection offerings from the trustworthy companies is the level of service they offer, and their ability to resolve any problems immediately, while offering complete and comprehensive reports as and when required.

2. Trustworthy Data Protection companies allow users to access their data

If you can’t access your protected data or verify its sanity then chances are that you can’t trust your data protection company. It is a must for companies in the business of protecting critical data to make use of data protection software that allows users to access their and only their protected data via the use of a client interface or portal, while ensuring that the underlying security of the data is not compromised.

3. Trustworthy Data Protection Companies don’t make promises they can’t keep

In an industry fraught with buzzwords and extravagant promises, it is often easy to be led astray by the next “groundbreaking” innovation that guarantees that all your data protection problems will be solved at the touch of a button (or swipe of a credit card). The true heroes of the data protection world will work with you to develop a business continuity strategy tailored to your organisations needs, and combine it with industry leading data protection software to ensure that your critical data remains completely protected and recoverable.

4. Trustworthy Data Protection Companies don’t skimp on Infrastructure

Even when running the most sophisticated data protection software, your data can only be deemed truly safe if the underlying hardware on which it is stored is reliable and of a high quality. Many companies that offer data protection and storage at unbelievably cheap rates will often make use of out of date hardware or third tier storage to house protected data. Trustworthy data protection companies ensure that both their data protection software and hardware works in tandem to provide protection that performs optimally.

5. Trustworthy Data Protection Companies have a proven track record

Any data backup solution is only as good as its ability to recover data in the event that it is lost. A clear sign of an untrustworthy data protection company is their unwillingness or inability to provide test restores as well as a proven track record of verified successful restores and recovery efforts.

Choosing the correct data protection company is one of the most important IT decisions that can be made. Redstor offers a unique set of data protection and business continuity solutions and, by partnering with trusted service providers, are able to provide customised and intelligent business continuity plans and solutions that cater to organizations regardless of size or industry. While there will always be reasons to doubt the security of your data in a public domain, ensuring that your vital data remains safe and secure at all times needn’t be one.

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