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Expert, unlimited, and timely support

Redstor MSPs all gain 24/7 access to Redstor’s market-leading support team, which draws on Redstor’s 20+ years of experience in delivering consultancy and support within the storage and backup industry. 

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End-to-end support

Redstor’s expert support is available to assist MSPs and their end users while the service is being set up, during normal service operation, and in the event of restore requests or DR invocation. 

Secure, automated software updates 

Redstor releases software updates with new features and patches monthly and some cases, weekly. Client-side software auto-updates and Redstor works hard to ensure our MSPs are always aware of the latest changes and new functionality. 

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Rapid response 

We pride ourselves on delivering timely support whenever you need it, so that you’ll never be felt feeling like you’re just a number in a ticketing system. Friendly, expert support is never more than a quick phone call, webchat or support ticket away.  

In-region support 

Redstor delivers 24/7 support with support teams based locally in the US, Europe and Africa. Consequently, you can be confident that you won’t be left waiting hours for Redstor support to come online. 

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Data privacy guaranteed 

Redstor’s support ticketing system incorporates strong security and user authentication, guaranteeing the protection of MSP and end user information at every step.