All you need to manage and secure your data through a single interface.

Redstor’s data management platform provides tens of thousands of organisations with automated data protection and access to data through a single console.

Unifying backup, disaster recovery and archiving, Redstor Pro removes the complexity that surrounds data protection whilst delivering the agility and insight that businesses need to thrive in today’s data driven environment.


Redstor Pro

Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Redstor Pro, a modern data management system that solves today's information management and storage challenges, has all the features and functionality you need to securely manage and protect your data, wherever, whenever, forever.

Data Management and Security

Data Management and Security Platform

Eliminate data management silos with Redstor Pro. Redstor Pro data management unifies backup, disaster recovery, archiving, data insight and compliance, delivering the performance, cost-effectiveness and agility that businesses require to scale and adapt to changing business needs.


Cloud Backup Solutions

Redstor has been at the forefront of backup and recovery since 1998 and backup remains a core component of Redstor's cloud data management system protecting data whenever, wherever.

Pro delivers fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable offsite backups for servers, endpoints, databases, virtualized environments and cloud applications.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Redstor Pro gives you the ability to protect all data securely and off-site, ensuring that when disaster strikes you can meet RTO and RPOs and get back to operational capacity.

Should disaster strike, your priority will be restoring your most valuable data and getting back to operational capacity by invoking disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Traditional backup and recovery methods, such as tape, will cost time, money and resources and could take weeks to get your data back.



Once archiving policies are set, files that meet archiving criteria are automatically migrated to the Redstor platform and replaced on local storage with a stub file, drastically reducing reliance on your primary storage tier. Redstor Archiving fully integrates with Redstor Backup to ensure simplicity and minimal management overhead.


Customers vouch for us



For me, the most important thing was having great visibility of the data we were backing up to ensure we weren’t backing up enormous amounts of unnecessary information. We had looked at a number of providers, including one that would have required significant hardware investment, but I was very impressed with Redstor from the outset."

Adam Nash, IT Infrastructure Manager


Since using Redstor we have significantly reduced the backup time and we are now able to complete a full backup within half the time of our previous solution. This has been an obvious improvement on our previous offering and is great for us as backing up customer data effectively and efficiently is a key part of our business disaster recovery planning.”

Andy Walsh, Technical Director
Redstor Cloud backup


Being able to perform these backups faster, has enabled us to reduce risk by meeting our disaster recovery requirements. In addition, the service approach of Redstor means we can remain focused on our business while they manage our backups from their side to further improve the efficiency of our operations.

Louis van Wyk, Head of IT Infrastructure at MiWay
Redstor Cloud backup

The Academy, Selsey

A noticeable difference using Redstor’s online backup has been the time taken to complete a full backup. In the past, it would take approximately two full days. Now the process is completed in a matter of a few hours and I receive an email telling me the backup is complete, which gives me great peace of mind.

Daniel Sapseid, IT Manager at The Academy, Selsey

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