One app to protect them all

Smarter cloud data backup, with zero hardware required, to protect servers and endpoints, cloud-native environments and SaaS business apps. 

Deploy in minutes and benefit from AI-powered malware detection, which helps ensure malware-free recoveries, AI-powered data insights, which identify gaps in protection and data tagging, which identifies sensitive and highly sensitive data, and where it is stored.

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Discover smarter backup and recovery 

Backup infrastructure, cloud-native workloads and SaaS-based data through a single app. Get backup up and running in minutes, with no hardware required and benefit from the ability to scale infinitely and instantly with ease.  

All Redstor services feature simple pricing with no bandwidth or recovery fees and all service features such as AI-powered malware detection, data insights and data tagging are included by default.*

*Applies for partners selling off list price

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