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Redstor Expands Global Footprint Through Strategic Partnership with ACA Pacific

Adele Quinn posted in News | 22 May 2024

22nd May 2024—Redstor is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ACA Pacific, a leading distributor in the APAC region known for providing value-added services to IT service providers and expertise in IT hardware and software solutions. This collaboration represents a major milestone in Redstor’s mission to broaden its global presence and enhance its innovative, cloud-first data recovery solutions.

James Griffin, CEO at Redstor, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with ACA Pacific. This partnership not only broadens our presence in the Asia-Pacific region but also strengthens our commitment to transforming data protection and resilience. Together, we are dedicated to setting new standards in the industry and empowering IT service providers with superior data protection capabilities.”

Redstor’s unified platform is designed to deliver instant data recovery for businesses’ most critical data, ensuring operational continuity and robust cyber resilience. The platform supports essential SaaS applications such as M365, Azure, Google Workspace, and Xero, as well as on-premise data storage solutions. By simplifying the data protection landscape, Redstor aims to provide cost-effective, reliable cyber resilience solutions tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

The strategic alignment with ACA Pacific underscores Redstor’s commitment to growth through strong partnerships. This collaboration will enable Redstor to leverage ACA Pacific’s extensive network and expertise, further empowering IT service providers with industry-leading data protection solutions.

Mark Gill, General Manager at ACA Pacific, highlighted the synergy between the two companies: “This partnership with Redstor enables us to further empower our partners with industry-leading data protection solutions. Redstor’s innovative technology complements our extensive expertise and commitment to adding real value, ensuring that our partners and their customers have access to the most advanced tools for data safety and business continuity.”

Redstor and ACA Pacific are committed to delivering extensive training and support to IT service providers, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle modern data protection challenges. This partnership will provide IT service providers with the advanced tools needed to safeguard against contemporary threats, streamline operations, and enhance data protection efficiencies.

As Redstor continues to expand its footprint, this partnership with ACA Pacific is a pivotal move in its strategy to enhance global IT cyber resilience and data protection capabilities. Together, Redstor and ACA Pacific are poised to drive innovation and set new benchmarks in the data protection industry.

For more information about Redstor and ACA Pacific and our data protection solutions, please visit www.acapacific.com.au.

About Redstor Limited

Redstor is a leading provider of cloud-first data management and protection solutions. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Redstor delivers instant data recovery and robust cyber resilience for businesses of all sizes.

About ACA Pacific

ACA Pacific has been providing specialist IT hardware and software solutions since 1988. With a strong commitment to delivering value-added solutions, ACA Pacific empowers partners and their customers with the most advanced IT tools and technologies.