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Cloud archiving

Cut your primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with Redstor

Save on storage costs

Extend the life of your assets with tiered storage, and still have immediate access to your archived data. No more unanticipated hardware investment to address rapid data growth. 

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Liberate your IT team

Swap time-consuming legacy technologies, such as magnetic tape, for simple-to-manage, highly scalable, long-term cloud archiving-as-a-service. No user training or ongoing maintenance required.

Manage effortlessly

The archiving process is centrally managed and fully automated, with audit trails and reporting included. Any data that meets the criteria specified by you is archived automatically, giving you complete control of what’s archived and when. Plus, you retain 24/7/365 access to the archived data.

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Improve your data security

Copies of the data are held securely in multiple locations, improving redundancy. Access to data is role-based for additional peace of mind. 

Eliminate delays

If you need one of your archived files, you can access it instantly and on demand using our InstantData™ technology. When the file is opened, our system immediately rehydrates the active portion of the file, which means you have effective access to your entire environment within seconds of recovering. 

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