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Introducing the Beta Version of our New RedAPI

Redstor posted in Redstor | 29 Feb 2024

Our newly enhanced RedAPI enables smooth integration with essential third-party applications, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your daily operations.

Join the Beta

With the addition of RedAPI, our partners will now be able to integrate with other third-party applications, allowing them to:

  • Track job status and error handling, including ticketing and service level agreements (SLA)
  • Monitor consumption and build reports reflecting this activity
  • Manage billing across all facets of their business
  • Use provisioning APIs to create new customers and users
  • Assign product subscriptions without having to log into the RedApp 

What Are the Benefits of RedAPI?

We’ve compiled a list of ways RedAPI has been designed to improve our partners’ performance and ease of use. These include:

Seamless Integration with Essential Third-Party Applications

Our updated API allows partners to unlock the power of seamless connectivity. Once the RedApp and their integral third-party applications are connected, workflows will run smoother than ever. They can now effortlessly manage billing, reporting, and more, all in one central, integrated space.

Elevating the Customer Experience

RedAPI amplifies the customer journey by effortlessly blending into support and ticketing frameworks, reducing wait time on issue resolution. Less system switching means more time our partners can spend with their valued customers. Our system works to ensure they get the right information, right when they need it.

Combatting Human-Induced Errors

Did you know that 88 percent of data loss is caused by human error? At Redstor, we know juggling between systems is a recipe for disaster. Our API integration means less human intervention, eliminating error-prone tasks like manually moving data between systems. Goodbye, avoidable mistakes—hello, streamlined processes!

Enhanced Automation

RedAPI unleashes the power of automation. Partners can transfer data between applications instantly, automating tasks and boosting efficiency. Transform your workflows from time-consuming to effortless; no more manual hassles, just automated brilliance!

Unlocking Smart Decisions with Data

By harnessing the power of our API to collect and analyze data swiftly, decision-making processes become a breeze. RedAPI users can effortlessly pull insights on customer or portfolio-level backup data usage. Manual hunting will be a thing of the past with our intuitive, automated platform.

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