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QuickBooks Backup

Protect vital QuickBooks Online & Desktop data against loss due to ransomware, human error, and other threats with Redstor’s QuickBooks Backup.

QuickBooks Online & Desktop Backup and Recovery

Recover lightning-fast with instant, granular item recovery back into QuickBooks Online or Desktop and gain the peace of mind delivered by having a copy of your data outside of QuickBooks.

Protect QuickBooks in seconds

Protect QuickBooks production and sandbox environments with Redstor in under 90 seconds. With no hardware to install, manage, or replace and zero impact on local bandwidth, it’s as easy as a few clicks to set up and scale instantly and infinitely.

Back up QuickBooks with ease

Protecting QuickBooks with Redstor is as simple as a few clicks, taking under 90 seconds to set up. Once configured, intelligent automation and scheduling within the app ensure that backup tasks run automatically, while advanced error handling enables admins to confidently manage by exception.

Centralize backup within a single smart app

RedApp, Redstor’s intuitive, cloud-native app, enables backing up the broadest coverage of data sources, including traditional and cloud-native infrastructure and an ever-widening array of SaaS platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Workspace, QuickBooks, Xero, and more.

Enjoy recovery flexibility

Recover directly back to QuickBooks either to:

  • Your production environment
  • Another production environment
  • a sandbox/developer environment

Redstor’s proprietary InstantData™ technology enables accessing your data with ease outside of QuickBooks for editing prior to recovery.

Frequently asked questions

None whatsoever! The QuickBooks backup and recovery process and Redstor’s RedApp are so intuitive that admins can begin protecting data with ease.

Intuit clearly state in their T&Cs (6.1.1) that:

You are responsible for any lost or unrecoverable Content. You must provide all required and appropriate warnings, information, and disclosures. Intuit is not responsible for any of your content that you submit through the Services.

Redstor backs up QuickBooks data from the following environments.

  • Production environment
  • Sandbox environment

The following ‘entities’ (but not limited to) are backed up:

  • Tax codes, Company info/name, Classes, Company Currency, JournalCodes, Account, Term, Payment method, Customer, Employees, Vendors, Departments, Item(Inventory), and Preferences
  • Transactions – these are generic items made up of:
    • Tax payments, Time Activity, Credit Card Payments, Journal Entry, Transfers, purchases, Purchase Orders, Refund Receipts, Estimates, Invoices, Vendor Credit, Credit Memo, Sales Order, Sales Receipts, Payments, Bills, Bill Payments, deposits, and budgets.

QuickBooks Backup walkthrough

See how you could protect your QuickBooks data with Redstor in just 80 seconds.

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See how you could protect your QuickBooks data with Redstor in just 80 seconds.

Expert Support

Redstor MSPs all gain 24/7 access to Redstor’s market-leading support team, that draws on Redstor’s 20+ years’ experience of delivering consultancy and support within the storage and backup industry.

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