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Forget waiting for your backups to be fully restored. Instead, InstantData™’s innovative technology allows you to access your backed up files almost immediately. 

What is InstantData™

InstantData™ streams your data for instant access from any location, allowing you to recover critical data in moments. While other files are recovered behind the scenes, users can start working on the files immediately.  

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The benefits of InstantData™

  • Start working with access to business-critical information immediately. Stream files or bits of files on demand instantly, without delay
  • No changes made to data while the recovery completes are lost and changes are visible to everyone with access to the recovery location 
  • Ensure staff can work collaboratively while the recovery completes by working on the same recovered file. 
  • Dramatically reduce achievable recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Recover to anywhere or access direct from the cloud without requiring disk space
  • Recover full servers into a bootable state

How it works

InstantData™ maps your recovery data locally to the recovery point when a recovery is initiated, providing instant access. 

When a stub file is accessed, InstantData™ retrieves the file or accessed portion of it, prioritising recovery of it from the backup location – providing instant access and eliminating downtime. 

These stub files are initially empty and are re-hydrated on demand. Less critical data is recovered in the background. 

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