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Azure Blob Backup

Our simple yet powerful solution protects your unstructured Blob data and guarantees rapid recovery in minutes, reducing downtime and interruptions to your business.

Azure Blob Backup Solution

While traditional Azure backups may be complex and require specific technical expertise, Redstor simplifies the process with its intuitive disaster recovery solution. Log in, set up your backup schedule, and have peace of mind knowing your data is indefinitely protected with multiple, immutable offsite copies.

Our simple yet powerful solution protects your unstructured data and guarantees rapid recovery in minutes, reducing downtime and interruptions to your business. Enjoy secure, encrypted, and easily integrated solutions at your fingertips—all from Redstor.

Unbreakable security

Our software ensures backups are stored outside your users’ tenancy, enabling operational recovery, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery. Protected data is encrypted at rest and in transit, meaning it’s protected from start to finish throughout its storage journey.

Streamline operations

We believe in simplifying the integration process, not complicating it. Our Storage Account backup seamlessly integrates with users’ Azure tenancy, with access granted through authentication (OAuth). This melding of resources allows for effortless setup and configuration.

Save time and resources

Backups of your Storage Accounts can be automated to run daily at a specific time or at regular intervals during the week. This flexible scheduling allows your organization to choose the right time for the backup to run, minimizing interference with daily usage of computing resources.

Instant Data Recovery designed with Azure Blob in mind

Quickly regain business momentum with Redstor’s InstantData™ technology, enabling instant file recovery to resume operations in minutes. Our solution preserves your Storage Account’s structure during restoration and offers granular recovery options for specific files or sections, avoiding unnecessary full Storage Account restorations.

Enjoy centralized protection for all your Azure products

We offer ease of use for businesses with multiple Azure products through our single interface, RedApp. Protect and restore Azure VMs, Blob Storage Accounts, and Azure Kubernetes services from one simple, centralized location.

Experience reliable data storage

With other vendors, a break in connectivity may result in hundreds or thousands of lost or un-updated files. Not with Redstor. Backups of Azure Storage Accounts to our data center will pause and resume if connectivity is disrupted, ensuring that your data is reliably stored and up to date.

A solution that grows with your business

Bringing on new customers can be exciting and stressful for your organization. Redstor is able to scale our resources to accommodate increasing numbers of Storage Account backups, both from existing and new users.

Visualize your backup and restores with accurate reporting

There’s no guesswork when it comes to tracking your Azure Blob data, whether it’s being backed up or restored. Redstor provides an intuitive dashboard where you can easily identify successful backups, restores, the total size of protected data, and account growth over time.