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Microsoft Entra ID Backup

Protecting your Microsoft Entra ID (previously called Azure Active Directory) is now effortless with Redstor Backup and Recovery.

Microsoft Entra ID Backup Coming Soon

Empower Your Data Security

Protecting your Microsoft Entra ID (previously called Azure Active Directory) is now effortless with Redstor Backup and Recovery.

As the foundation of almost every business worldwide, Entra ID’s significance cannot be overstated. With over 25 billion Azure AD attacks reported in 2021, the vulnerability of these systems is more evident than ever before. Our simple but robust solution gives you peace of mind by securing your business-critical systems and ensuring quick restoration within minutes. This minimizes downtime and disruptions to your business.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate the need for custom script writing, maintenance, and management, streamlining your operations and cutting down on administrative overhead.

Make Your Business Bulletproof

Secure every aspect of your Microsoft Entra ID environment against cyber threats and data breaches with cutting-edge AI-powered Malware threat scanning.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

In the event of disruptions, having your Microsoft Entra ID securely backed up with multiple, immutable off-site copies means you can swiftly restore essential operations, maintaining business continuity.

Backing Up Users, Groups, Conditional Access Policies and Audit Logs

Secure your foundational Microsoft Entra ID components by backing up users, groups, conditional access policies, and audit logs. This robust approach ensures that your identity management framework remains intact, safeguarding against malicious attacks and unauthorized changes.

Apps and App Registrations

Protect your application infrastructure by backing up Microsoft Entra ID apps and app registrations. This ensures that your application integrations and permissions remain secure and recoverable, maintaining the continuity of application services and access control.

InTune and Device Config Policies

Ensure the resilience of your mobile device management (MDM) and device configuration policies by backing up InTune settings. This preserves your device compliance standards and management policies, which are essential for secure and efficient remote work environments.

Granular Level Restores and Comparative Restores

Leverage the precision of granular level and comparative restores to quickly recover specific data points or compare current states with previous backups. This targeted approach allows for efficient recovery of exactly what’s needed, without unnecessary restorations.  

Individual User and Group Config Recovery

Maintain swift recovery of individual user and group configurations, ensuring that personalization and access controls are recovered within minutes should a data loss incident occur. This approach maintains essential daily operations by ensuring user productivity and access rights.