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Redstor Introduces Backup for QuickBooks to Help MSPs Protect SMBs and Generate New Revenue

Redstor posted in News | 17 Nov 2022

READING, England–Redstor, the smart, cloud-first backup platform of choice for MSPs, today announced the availability of Backup for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, a service to protect and recover application data vital to small and medium-sized business (SMBs). Intuit’s QuickBooks is the market’s leading accounting software, supporting more than 8 million users worldwide. With its powerful performance and low cost, Redstor Backup for QuickBooks fills data protection gaps in the software, enabling MSPs to provide SMBs with a crucial safety net and open a new revenue stream with healthy margins.

“QuickBooks is the heart of SMBs, but none of the product tiers include backup and recovery except the most expensive option,” said Rob Glass of Computer Systems Plus, a participant in Redstor’s Backup for QuickBooks beta program. “If a hacker gets in or a disgruntled employee releases malicious code, an SMB could lose months of financial data, tax and compliance details, employee records, and more. Redstor eliminates this risk at a nominal cost, giving MSPs like us access to a huge market with a service that offers tremendous margins.”

Redstor options cover all QuickBooks pricing plans, including native recovery. MSPs can recover directly back to QuickBooks production and sandbox/developer environments. Redstor’s InstantData™ technology streams information in the most compatible form possible, so customers can recover and begin using this critical data in seconds versus hours or days, all while less vital files restore behind the scenes.

Additional highlights of Redstor Backup for QuickBooks include:

  • Easy Compliance: Enables businesses to meet standards such as IRS 4557 & SOC2. In highly regulated industries, an independent backup and recovery platform provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to meet compliance.
  • Single Interface: One interface protects and manages all data sources, from native infrastructure (Azure and AWS) to major SaaS offerings like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. It even covers legacy backups such as on-premise servers and company laptops.
  • Fast Fixes: With multiple people using QuickBooks Online, data can be changed simultaneously, introducing errors. Redstor not only gives admins a safety net, it provides instant, granular item restore to rapidly fix any issue.
  • Time and Money Savings: A common source of data loss are finance team changes to the production environment in QuickBooks. With Redstor, admins can use real backup data in their sandbox to verify and validate any changes before pushing them into production.
  • Automated Processes: QuickBooks operates on a shared responsibility model that protects users from incidents such as platform outages, but not ransomware, malicious or accidental data deletion/loss. Automatic and on-demand backup processes make sure all bases are covered.
  • Simplicity and Low Cost of Ownership: QuickBooks’ only backup and data restoration require users to provide and manage external storage. Redstor’s all-in-one solution eliminates that operational and cost burden, with experts overseeing every step of the journey.

“This solves a major SMB issue while creating new revenue for MSPs at a price point that assures maximum profitability,” said Redstor Product Manager, Dan Boddington. “Downtime means lost revenue. Slow recovery means missed opportunity. Missing data ruins reputations. With Redstor Backup for QuickBooks, this vital business data is safe and quickly recoverable, and the profits stay with our MSPs.”

About Redstor

Redstor offers MSPs the smartest backup and recovery platform along with leading sales, marketing and technical support. Built for the cloud and fast to scale, the Redstor platform unifies the protection of cloud infrastructure, SaaS business applications and on-prem data via a single app (RedApp), delivering market-leading revenue retention, bigger margins and simple pricing to MSPs.

Breakthrough streaming technology offers instant data access and mobility, bringing users back in seconds after outages, whilst unlocking all the benefits of a cloud-first model. Artificial intelligence (AI) polices backups to identify and isolate malware for safe restores. With no hardware requirements and setup times of under 60 seconds, Redstor is purpose-built for the MSP growth agenda.

For more information, please visit www.redstor.com.

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Metis Communications on behalf of Redstor
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