Total cost of primary storage calculator

Total cost of primary storage calculator


There are no additional storage costs with Redstor’s three-in-one protection of archiving, disaster recovery and backup.

Total data amount:

cost for year1:

cost for year2:

Savings with Redstor


3 Year Cost Comparsion

cost for year3:

total data after 3 years:

Conventional Cost: £

Redstor Cloud Archiving: £

replicate data:

Backup data:

cost of replicated data

cost of backup data

The calculator assumes 50% of your data is not accessed over each year and is archived (based on customer averages). Your actual savings will depend on your customised archiving policy.

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tempConventional Cost: £

How much can you save with Redstor?

Use our TOC calculator below to estimate how much you can save in costly primary storage space by archiving your data to the cloud.

Data is at the heart of business today, so it’s essential that you’re protecting it to the best of your ability whilst ensuring that it’s ever-accessible to those that need it, without delay. At the same time, data is growing exponentially, filling up expensive primary storage. Some data is accessed frequently, some should be archived. How do you work out which is which?

Our pioneering, policy-driven, automated archiving technology allows you to free up primary storage while keeping management overheads to an absolute minimum. Importantly, we archive data in a seamless, transparent way, ensuring that it remains just as visible and accessible as it was before archiving. No user training or ongoing management is required.