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How much can you save by archiving with Redstor?

How much can you save by archiving with Redstor?

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End escalating costs

  • Discover how much data you can comfortably offload to the cloud

    Establish to what extent rarely accessed data is putting an unnecessary strain on the capacity of your expensive primary storage. Our pioneering, policy-driven technology enables you to pinpoint data suitable for automated archiving.

  • Slash what you spend on primary storage

    Sweat your assets for longer. By off-loading data to Redstor’s datacentres, you free up primary storage, avoid the need to purchase additional infrastructure and end expenditure on any traditional archiving solution.

  • No impact on data accessibility

    Archived data remains just as visible and accessible. If users need files back, they can be streamed instantly and on demand from the cloud using our InstantData™ technology.

  • Cut management costs and liberate your IT team

    Our fully automated archiving service is simple to manage and highly scalable. There is no need for end-user training because the user experience remains completely unchanged.


Manage it all through a single control centre

You don’t just get archiving. Redstor unifies backup and recovery, archiving and disaster recovery through a single, secure, control centre, offering absolute visibility to discover, manage and protect your data like never before.

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