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Redstor wins AI/Machine Learning Innovation award

Alan Manicom posted in News | 25 Nov 2021

CEO Paul Evans is pictured with the trophy after Redstor pipped nine other finalists at the Storage, Digitalisation & Cloud Awards at Leonardo Royal St. Paul’s Hotel in London, last night.

He said: “We are absolutely delighted to win this SDC award. Redstor is continually making operations significantly easier for IT teams with a smart, data management and protection platform, purpose built for the channel.

“And there has been a huge interest in our proprietary, machine-learning model since it was launched in May 2021 as it detects and removes malware in backup data from multiple SaaS and infrastructure sources, allowing customers to rely upon clean and safe recoveries.

“But it’s not just about providing category-leading IP that delivers simple, smart, safe and scalable management and protection of customer data in multiple environments – all from a single application. It’s about making our partners’ lives simpler so they can turbocharge their business with Redstor.

“That means giving them the capability to get up and running with three clicks and a password – with no on-prem hardware – along with dedicated marketing resources so they have everything required to start bringing in revenue straight away. Redstor is the ultimate MSP growth engine.”

This partner-centric approach was acknowledged at IT Europa’s European IT & Software Excellence Awards last month when Redstor won Best Customer Engagement Model by a vendor in the Remote Working Solution category.

Malware-free recoveries

Malware continues to grow in scope and sophistication and often hides undetected inside business networks as it seeks out and infects backups, increasingly a prize target for cyber-criminals not content merely to go after live data.

Many organisations have 90-day or 180-day retention periods for their data, but it can typically take 200 days to uncover an attack, longer than most organisations’ retention policies.

In this case malware will be present within all backups as well as the live environment. This makes it extremely difficult to perform a malware-free recovery.

Following NCSC guidance

The National Cyber Security Centre specifically advises organisations to use different products to increase overall detection capability, stating: “Deploy antivirus and malicious code checking solutions to scan inbound and outbound objects at the network perimeter.”

By deploying Redstor’s malware detection and removal for backups as a complementary additional layer of protection, organisations are able to follow NCSC guidance, which recommends: “Where host-based antivirus is used it may be sensible to use different products to increase overall detection capability. Any suspicious or infected malicious objects should be quarantined for further analysis.”

Not only does Redstor’s machine-learning model respond to updates of real-world events and new threats posed by the latest malware, it continually refines itself to perform with improved accuracy as files are confirmed as safe or malicious. Utilising shared insights, gained from malicious files found in backup sets, Redstor delivers community resilience against zero-day threats with automatic updates to improve protection every day.

Average false positive rate across all file types is currently 0.02%, with true positives averaging 99.35%, outperforming leading anti-virus solutions such as Avast and Kaspersky in malware detection on common malware vehicles, DLL and EXE files.

Redstor was also one of only a handful of malware detection products to detect and quarantine the recent REvil payload that led to the Kaseya attack.

Simple, smart and safe

The product requires no set-up or configuration by the customer, requires no additional resource to scan files on a customer’s side and is updated on a regular basis, using both an in-house training dataset and publicly available cyber-security data.

No user intervention is required until a suspicious file is detected. Alerts are then sent via the Redstor control centre and mobile app along with various recommended options to keep backups safe, including reverting a file to a known safe state within the backup.

With a smart, globally scalable cloud-based platform, designed specifically for the channel, Redstor is enabling partners to quickly and simply address customer challenges with compliance, data growth, recovery from ransomware attacks and flexible cloud integration, as well as reduce investment and maintenance of primary storage.

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