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Global retailer Sally Beauty is the latest to fall victim to a data breach

Redstor posted in News | 21 Mar 2014

After an initial denial, Sally Beauty has admitted that around 25,000 customer credit card details have been accessed and removed from their system following an illegal intrusion to its customer database. Sally Beauty has posted on its website “It is difficult to ascertain with certainty the scope of a data security breach prior to the completion of a comprehensive forensic investigation. As a result, we will not speculate as to the scope or nature of the data security incident.” However the company has confirmed that it is continuing its investigation and will notify those customers affected.

In the meanwhile Sally Beauty is urging its customers to monitor their banks and to be vigilant against phishing attacks.  This comes days after UK giant Morrisons suffered an internal hacking regarding the payroll information of 100,00 employees, adding to the public’s ever growing data protection concerns. The ever-increasing frequency of hacking attacks on industries of all kinds is worrying and it has never been more important for companies to scrutinise their current data protection procedures in order to protect themselves, employees and customers.

The repercussions of a data breach are far reaching and it can be difficult for a company to redeem themselves following an attack. Redstor are experts in data protection and have been for 15 years. When storing data with Redstor, data is encrypted at your site, prior to transit, and only you have access to the encryption key. This means no one, not even us, can access your data. Our services are guaranteed by an over 99% customer retention rate from organisations across the public and private sector. To find out more on our services and how we can help you comply with data protection laws please contact us either by giving us a ring on 01189 515 200 or email [email protected]

Redstor’s secure offsite backup service ensures data is safely backed up offsite in an encrypted format. Our file sync and share service, Centrastor, enables organisations to store and share files securely online from any device with an Internet connection and our CentraStage service enables support providers to guarantee that devices they support are regularly audited, patched and safely up-to-date for effective device management. Our Virtual Disaster Recovery service guarantees to have your systems up and running within minutes following a disaster. To find out more about our services and how we can help you comply with data protection laws and prevent data leakage, please contact us either by giving us a ring on 01189 515 200 or emailing [email protected].

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