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Five Ingredients to Creating Innovative Technology

Five Ingredients to Creating Innovative Technology

posted in Redstor ● 3 May 2016

Technology cannot progress without innovation, and man’s ability to solve problems, make things easier or simply create excitement is what defines us as an advanced adaptable species. Our love of a challenge, our desire to challenge ourselves, change our lives and leave our mark on the world has driven us towards the ideal of constant progress, of discovering something new and then improving it, of taking an idea deemed impossible and bringing it to life. By amalgamating our creativity with ingenuity and fusing it with logic, we are able to build tools that we often wonder how we ever did without once they begin to make our lives easier. We are happiest when we are creating, exploring and discovering new possibilities. This is particularly evident in our rapidly progressing computerised technology, where ideas have been constantly built upon since its inception, improved through radical thinking and fierce competition, and refined through their uses, tested in operation, constantly moving forward, simplifying what we once found complicated, progressing with each new idea, finding boundaries and then deliberately attempting to cross them. We’ve hi-lighted five key ingredients that innovators have used in their pursuit of advancement.

1.      Innovative Technology is not thought up in boxes

Innovation begins where convention ends. The innovator’s greatest asset is his or her imagination coupled with the desire to make what they were told could not be made, to improve what everyone else had accepted as the best. By thinking outside the box, assumptions are challenged, new perspectives are gained and ideologies are challenged. By constantly asking what could be, and how things could be different, innovative technology is created, and while true innovation rarely comes without challenges and disruptions, the innovators ability to conjure up solutions to each obstacle encountered is what separates him or her from mediocrity.

2.      Innovative Technology is Not Normal

The most innovative technologies are extraordinary. They cannot be categorised with everything else because they look different to everything else, they feel different to everything else and they operate differently to everything else. In order for innovative technology to be created, that which is considered normal must be sidelined and the status quo must be continually challenged until the extraordinary becomes the norm, at which point it must be challenged again.

3.      Innovative Technology Breaks to Create

Innovation technology can only be created when boundaries are broken. In order for software to be innovative, what is considered good must be eschewed, what is considered great must be ignored and what is considered groundbreaking must be adopted as the only goalpost acceptable. Innovative technology often spends vast amounts of time being built, only to be torn down and rebuilt better countless times before extraordinary is deemed acceptable.

4.      Innovative Technology happens on Purpose

Technology can only be defined as truly innovative if it serves a purpose, solves problems, facilitates ideas and makes things not only easier, but better. Innovation often arises when something new is needed, when what is currently on offer can’t get the job done or does it just well enough to get by. Innovative technology challenges problems head on, finds opportunity within problems and uses it as the drive to not only solve the problem but extends its reach to offer as many benefits as possible without compromising on quality or usability.

5.      Innovative Technology Defies Convention

Innovative technology focuses on new ideas, moves beyond conventional thinking, deems the acceptable unacceptable and meets real needs directly. The most innovative technologies often bear marks of simplicity in their genius, solving real problems simply, never putting strain on anyone using the technology, not overcomplicating solutions. Truly innovative technology prides itself on it’s ability to make hard tasks easier while being enjoyable to use, making once arduous tasks more pleasurable, attempting to redefine the tasks once found boring.
Redstor prides itself on the pursuit of innovation, constantly stretching its reach beyond the normal, never accepting good enough. By taking pleasure in the challenge, new ideas are constantly formed, accepted ideologies changed and new opportunities discovered, all while striving to create technologies that innovatively protect your organisations most valuable asset, the data that possesses the key to your innovation.

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