Name that strain. Ransomware on the rise.

A well known threat to all organizations, ransomware is still on the rise. Cyber-criminals are even working out how to beat your ransomware protection solutions.

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Marriott faces data breach fallout

The Marriott hotel group has announced that it has fallen victim to one of the largest data breaches in history as data was stolen over the course of 4 years.

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack

On Friday, March 12th, a ransomware attack began infecting computers across the globe. The scale of the attack and the speed at which the ransomware w…

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Ransomware: How to avoid becoming the next victim

2016 was dubbed the year of Ransomware in the technology industry and it remains one of the largest threats to security within the industry today. Red…

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Ransomware Sends Us Back to School

The Education Industry Showed the Highest Ransomware Infection Rates In 2016

In aprevious article, we mentioned that ransomware seems to be targeting…

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