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Redstor Goes BEYOND with Pax8 at Global Partner Conference

Redstor posted in News | 22 Jun 2023

The Pax8 Beyond event concluded recently, leaving a lasting impact on attendees as industry experts and, software vendors came together to empower and educate Pax8’s growing partner community. This comprehensive recap highlights key speaking sessions and acknowledges the outstanding efforts of the Redstor team.

The event featured a series of engaging speaking sessions that offered valuable insights and strategies to attendees. Notable contributors included James Griffin, CEO, and Gareth Case, CMO, representing Redstor.

James Griffin, alongside industry experts, participated in a cybersecurity vendor breakout session that ignited a thought-provoking discussion on the latest trends and challenges in the cybersecurity landscape. Attendees gained valuable insights into navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape and enhancing their security posture as MSPs.

Gareth Case delivered a compelling presentation titled “Mastering the MSP Trinity: Fuel Growth, Reduce Risk, and Optimize for Success.” His session, attended by over 250 MSPs, provided a comprehensive guide on achieving sustainable growth, minimizing risks, and optimizing success for MSPs. Attendees left the session equipped with practical strategies to grow their businesses.

Pax8 Beyond event served as a platform for industry professionals to connect, network, and share experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from peers, and establish valuable connections within the MSP community. The event fostered a sense of collaboration and community, contributing to the overall success and positive atmosphere. More than 115 Pax8 partners have requested a follow up with Redstor to learn more about our category leading backup and recovery platform.

Scott Chasin, Pax8’s CTO outlined their vision for the future of their marketplace, which will deliver far greater insights into MSPs’ customer data, highlighting new revenue opportunities for both the MSP and the vendor community, with Redstor participating as an early adopter in the program.

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In addition to the speaking sessions, Redstor launched a set of enticing incentives exclusively for Pax8 partners. Partners have the chance to win tickets to the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix in November, immersing themselves in the thrilling world of motorsports. Furthermore, top-performing partners will be treated to an extraordinary all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa as part of the Redstor Stellar Club. This five-day adventure promises unforgettable experiences, including wine tasting, a captivating helicopter Winelands tour, thrilling safari encounters, exquisite fine dining, and even mesmerizing whale watching. These incentives are designed to inspire and motivate Pax8’s partner community while creating lasting memories.

To learn more about the Redstor and Pax8 partnership and read the latest press release, Click here.