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Redstor and Edunova Partner to Transform Lives of Young Learners in South Africa through Redstor Academy

Redstor posted in Press Release | 24 Jan 2024

Cape Town, SA (24 January, 2024) Redstor and Edunova have announced their groundbreaking partnership, with support from the Bregal Helps Initiative–a philanthropic programme of Redstor’s growth partner Bregal Milestone–to launch the Redstor Academy. This exciting programme is set to transform the lives of young learners in South Africa by arming them with the vital IT skills needed to progress from education into employment.

The collaboration between Redstor Academy and Edunova marks a pivotal moment in the educational sector. The project at Makhosana Manzini High School in Mpumalanga is a prime example of this impact, where 400 learners will receive the foundation and skills necessary for prosperous careers in the IT field. The academy is set to expand to the Western Cape, with the inclusion of Khanyolwethu High School in Somerset West. Here, the partnership will directly influence the educational paths of an additional 200 learners in 2024, amplifying the reach and significance of this initiative.

At the core of these efforts is the ITE Programme, Edunova’s flagship project aimed at unemployed youth. This program is designed to equip younger generations with vital 21st-century knowledge and skills in information technology, encompassing both theoretical and practical dimensions.

The generous grant from the Bregal Helps Initiative has been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition. Their commitment to investing in the local communities and making a lasting impact aligns perfectly with the objectives of Redstor and Edunova. This partnership not only signifies a shared goal of uplifting young lives, but also exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts in achieving transformative social change.

James Griffin, CEO of Redstor, commented “As CEO of Redstor, I am deeply committed to ensuring that our company makes a lasting and positive impact in the communities where we operate. Through our partnership with Edunova and the generous support of the Bregal Helps Initiative, we are not just investing in technology education; we are investing in the leaders and innovators of the future. This endeavour is a testament to our belief that corporate responsibility extends beyond business growth to fostering social change and empowerment. At Redstor, we are dedicated to transforming lives, one learner at a time, and creating a brighter future for all.”

Redstor Academy and Edunova, together with the support of Bregal Helps, are setting a new standard in education, one that promises a brighter, more technologically adept future for South Africa’s youth. By changing the world one child at a time, they are not just imparting knowledge but are actively shaping the future leaders of the IT industry.

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