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A Day In The Life Of A Redstor Intern Joe Franklin posted in Redstor | Joe Franklin

A Day In The Life Of A Redstor Intern 

Joe Franklin posted in Redstor | 5 Apr 2023

Smart Learning From A Smarter Way Of Working

Recently I was given the opportunity to intern at Redstor, a multinational SaaS software vendor that provides the smartest backup and recovery. My internship experience has been a great learning opportunity for me personally because of the wide variety of tasks I can perform during my time here. Also, it’s given me some insight into how other companies work by giving me a glimpse into their internal structure and processes. In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the aspects that stood out most prominently during my time as an intern at Redstor: from working with different generations and cultures within the company to getting to know more about what makes Redstor such a dynamic place for employees and interns alike!

Understanding The Redstor Way Of Doing Things

Before I started my internship at Redstor, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how they did things differently or why it mattered. But now that I’ve spent some time here, I can tell you that their way of doing things is something special.

Redstor takes huge inspiration for their attitude from the book Black box thinking. (by Matthew Syed) Black box thinking has been a key theme throughout the internship; asking questions but not being afraid to experiment and try things out, even if they don’t work out in the end. Embracing the concept of black box thinking involves acknowledging that a fear of failure can stifle business improvement. The key to success lies in viewing failures as opportunities for growth by focusing on the processes rather than just the results. A saying that gets said a lot at Redstor would be to “fail fast, fail forward”. Meaning to embrace the inevitability of failures and keep pushing forward without wasting time.

Product-led growth (by Wes Bush) has inspired Redstor to innovate its strategy from a sales-led model to a product-led model. This methodology positions the product as the main driver of customer acquisition and retention. The key principles of product-led growth include delivering an exceptional user experience, providing self-serve onboarding, and leveraging product usage data to drive engagement and growth. By focusing on the product, companies can avoid the high customer acquisition costs associated with traditional sales-led or marketing-led growth strategies. The reason why strategies like this are effective is that most people would rather see and make a judgment themselves by getting hands-on, experiencing the value of the product rather than being told what the perceived value should be.

Redstor decided to adopt this strategy due to the time it was taking them to onboard new MSP partners, as well as to make it easier for MSPs to onboard their customers. They achieve this by enabling MSPs and end users to access a free trial directly. Since I joined Redstor, they have implemented a marketplace that allows end users to free trial the software through partners boosting lead generation. Onboarding a partner as a vendor can typically take up to six months, whereas Redstor’s partner onboarding process takes seconds.

Cultivating My Success

One of the main reasons why this Internship has been so insightful is due to being able to observe and learn from each department, allowing me to build my understanding of who they are and what they do. From joining in on meetings and conferences to working as part of the team, it has allowed me to put the pieces together and better understand the whole presales/sales process and the support side that comes after, maintaining the service and customer relations.

During my role in sales, I was able to work with clients and help them understand the benefits of cloud backup and recovery. It was satisfying to know that I was playing a part in ensuring the safety of the client’s valuable data. I have also learned a lot about the different types of backup and recovery solutions available in the market and how they can help organizations mitigate the risks of data loss. Some of the key skills I have picked up and developed in sales include presenting and communicating, be it over the phone or working as a team.

Working in technical support has been equally enriching. I have been able to help clients with their technical issues, and it has been a great opportunity to broaden my technical knowledge from my time at college. The team I worked with was highly skilled, having been great mentors, teaching me new techniques and best practices. I have also learned how to troubleshoot complex problems and find solutions quickly, which is a valuable skill in any industry. Another key skill I have developed while on the technical team is writing emails. Being able to articulate my words in a formal manner, address and communicate with customers in ways that are least likely to cause further issues providing excellent customer service.

During my Internship, I have often been tasked with creating PowerPoint presentations to compile and present the knowledge I have gained from working in various departments. Presentation skills are crucial and can often determine one’s chances of getting a promotion or a job offer over others with similar credentials and experience. This is because presenting is a common requirement in most professional careers, and being able to present effectively can set one apart.

As I write this, I am currently gaining experience in the marketing department, with this being my first blog. During my time in marketing, I have been involved in various tasks, such as restructuring the partner tiering system, conducting a content audit to gather reusable resources or identify items needing updates, and managing social media advertisements. Over the next five weeks, I will attend and plan for the Bett Show, the world’s leading EdTech show. I am excited to gain first-hand experience and put a face to a name, meeting with some of the partners that I have chatted to and helped in person.

Reflecting On What I’ve Achieved

In conclusion, my internship so far has been a fantastic learning opportunity and an incredibly friendly and welcoming working environment. I have gained hands-on experience in many fields of expertise and now have a much better understanding of the cloud backup and IT industry. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in this exciting field.