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6 Reasons why you need to back up Microsoft 365.
  1. Secure your data across a selection of cloud vendors.
  2. Prevent the loss of data, time, and money.
  3. Extend your Microsoft 365 backup retention.
  4. Safeguard your backups from ransomware.
  5. Recovery Flexibility and Reliable Data Backup
  6. Minimizing Downtime with Instant Recovery

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M365 backup

6 Reasons to protect your Microsoft 365 data.

The #1 backup solution for Microsoft 365, with zero hardware required, delivering the broadest coverage of data sources from a single app and lightning-quick recovery of any files on demand.

secure data

Secure your data with multiple cloud vendors.

Storing data across multiple cloud vendors can help mitigate the risk of data loss. If a cloud vendor goes out of business or experiences a security breach, backing up data across multiple cloud vendors will provide an extra layer of redundancy.

prevent loss

Prevent the loss of data, time, and money.

To prevent disruption to your business caused by data deletion or corruption, use a third party like Redstor for on-demand backup data access instead of relying on Microsoft support, which may take considerable time to recover the data.

M365 retension

Extend your Microsoft 365 backup retention.

Redstor Backup allows you to set your own data retention policies, giving you greater control. Microsoft 365 only retains deleted items for a set number of days. Microsoft advises customers to use third-party backup solutions, and they caution that retention policies alone are insufficient.

Icon ransomware

Safeguard your backups from ransomware.

If a backup is created after the malware has infected a system, then the backup will also contain the malware. Redstor’s integrated Malware Detection adds a second layer of protection to remove threats from your backup data, helping to ensure malware-free recoveries. 

Recovery Flexibility and Data Portability.

Recover Microsoft 365 data to its original location, to a new location, or using single-item recovery. You can also recover or migrate data to a physical or virtual machine using our unique InstantData™ technology.

instant recovery

Minimizing Downtime with Instant Recovery

Redstor InstantData™ technology enables immediate access to backed-up files, eliminating the need to wait for full restoration.

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“Data is the new currency, and protecting it is critical. Microsoft 365 provides built-in data protection capabilities, but it’s important to also have a backup strategy to ensure data is recoverable in the event of an issue”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.