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Stand out from the crowd with free customer trials

Get the edge over competitors by offering your customers free 30 day product trials.

Eliminate onboarding barriers

Redstor enables MSPs to onboard end users into a trial of a Redstor product on Redstor’s platform in seconds, eliminating barriers to sign-ups. improving the customer experience.

See it in action

Watch this 2-minute video to discover how you could offer completely free 30 day trials to customers and prospects, no strings attached.

Build trust and credibility

Demonstrate confidence in the product by enabling end users to evaluate Redstor for free and with no strings attached.

Qualify prospects faster

Generate leads and qualify prospects faster by identifying which users will most likely make a purchase.

Upgrade trials instantly

Improve conversion rates and the customer’s experience by seamlessly transitioning trials into paying customers without losing data.

Feel loved by your vendor

Gain confidence that your vendor is investing in your success by offering unlimited free trials along with unmatched sales, marketing, and technical support.

Gain new prospects

Receive a new source of backup inquiries by featuring on Redstor’s partner directory on Redstor’s own website.

Own your customers’ experience

Ensure that customers associate your brand with the backup service that they receive thanks to a fully cobranded marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any limitations to the trials offered?

There is a 30-day limit from when the product is added. Microsoft 365 Backup and Google Workspace Backup are limited to backing up 25 accounts. Lastly, prospects and customers can only trial a backup product once.

Once the 14 day trial has elapsed, there is a 7-day grace period during which trials can still be updated. No new backups will be completed during this period, but it remains possible to view and recover data.

Any data in the trial will be automatically deleted from Redstor’s platform.