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Redstor for businesses. 
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Redstor is available through a worldwide network of authorized partners.

Contact us, and we will contact you to discuss your needs and align you with a Redstor-authorized partner who can transform the protection and management of your data.

6 Reasons to choose Redstor

The #1 backup solution for Microsoft 365, with zero hardware required, delivering the broadest coverage of data sources from a single app and lightning-quick recovery of any files on demand.

Instantly access a free trial, and your customers can too.

Sign up now and gain immediate access to your free trial in just a few minutes. Plus, you can onboard your customers with a 30-day trial directly within the app – without needing hardware.

Recover your customer files in seconds.

Deliver instant recovery, accessibility, and mobility to your customers, enabling them to get back up and running within seconds in the event of an outage.

Recover customer data ransomware free.

Recover customer data malware free by automatically detecting, quarantining, and removing suspicious files from their Microsoft 365 backups.

Reduce CapEx while increasing margins and revenue streams.

Achieve superior revenue retention, maximize profit margins, identify and leverage new revenue streams, and streamline operational expenses.

Deliver flexible storage options and fast scalability

Constructed to be cloud-ready, Redstor features adaptable storage alternatives and the agility to rapidly scale up or down to meet changing demands.

Sales, marketing, and technical support.

Redstor offers more than just Microsoft 365 backup services; we also offer lead generation, free trials, sales, marketing, and technical support.

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