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Join us in building a better world of work! Find purpose and belonging while doing the most meaningful work of your career.

We’re collaborating from all over the world.

Life @Redstor inspires passion and purpose, providing an environment for you to do the best work of your career. Our diverse teams can be found in South Africa, the United States, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

We have fun, learn, innovate, and are brave in our decision-making so that together, we prosper.

Our employee experience

86% of our people are proud to work for Redstor

88% of our people feel encouraged to be innovative

88% of our people are passionate about the work that they do

85% of our people believe that Redstor allows them to make a positive difference

Our culture is defined by FLIP

We have fun.
We thrive on learning.
We value integrity.
Together, we prosper.


Enjoying what you do means you can be at your most effective.

We want you in a role that suits your nature, catering to your personality, aptitude, and strengths, so you can do the best work of your career and enjoy it simultaneously.


Innovation is crucial to our success. We promote learning and are not afraid to make mistakes, fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.

We want you to be brave and try things out with autonomy and support. We’ve got your back.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do. That means being upfront and honest with colleagues, customers and partners.

We create an environment where you can speak out, and we listen. We always follow through on actions.


When we enjoy our jobs, learn quickly and act with integrity, everyone prospers – you, your colleagues, customers, partners, and the company.

It’s the result of brilliant people doing their best work.

Our benefits

Charity days

Health cover

Life assurance


One-off WFH allowance

Team outings

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