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Azure VM Backup

Back up your virtual machines in minutes with Azure VM Pro, Redstor’s agentless backup solution for Azure Virtual Machines.

Azure VM Backup and Recovery

To back up your Azure VMs, simply add them to your data estate using our intuitive RedApp. Scale effortlessly and reduce administrative overheads. No need to buy, manage or replace hardware.

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Centralised backup management

Eliminate manual, time-consuming job scheduling and simplify your operations with policy-based management across your entire estate. Centrally manage and protect data in the broadest range of environments, whether in Azure, on-premise or a range of SaaS applications.

Defence against malware

Know that your backups are safe. Redstor’s AI-infused malware detection service isolates potentially malicious files from your backups and alerts you to their presence so you can action them, providing an extra layer of protection for peace of mind. Our machine-learning model constantly evolves to ensure the accurate detection of suspicious files. 

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High-performance backups

High-performance backups

As an agentless solution, Redstor’s Azure VM Pro has zero impact on the resources of the machine being protected. Consequently, the production environment remains at peak performance for both users and customers. 

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Security and redundancy 

Security and redundancy 

Azure VM Pro stores your backups in a resource group within your Azure subscription. They can then be securely replicated from Azure to Redstor’s cloud with no egress charges, in a region of your choice for additional resilience.

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Smarter recovery

Smarter recovery

Recover your VMs with no downtime using Redstor’s proprietary InstantData™ technology. The moment a recovery is initiated, InstantData makes sparse files of all your data accessible – no waiting for the entire system to be rebuilt. The files you open first are rehydrated on demand so you can get back to work, while your less critical data is recovered in the background.

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Unlimited testing 

Unlimited testing 

Test your DR plan as often as required, at no additional charge. Recover a VM’s data to the original machine or a new machine at any time without affecting your production environment.

Frequently asked questions

How does Azure VM Pro work?

Azure VM Pro stores your backups in a resource group within your Azure subscription. From there, they can be securely replicated to Redstor’s cloud. 

No! Backups and recoveries are initiated directly from our RedApp. Our solution is also agentless, so you won’t need to run or install anything on the protected VM.

Expert Support

Redstor MSPs all gain 24/7 access to Redstor’s market-leading support team, that draws on Redstor’s 20+ years’ experience of delivering consultancy and support within the storage and backup industry.

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