Terms and Conditions

A full copy of the Redstor terms and conditions of sale are available upon request. Please contact Redstor on the main office number to request a copy. A copy will be issued to recipients upon approval of the Redstor management team.

Service Descriptions 

  1. Redstor Pro
  2. The Redstor Pro/RBUSS hosted Service (“Service”), managed and maintained by Redstor, provides an online storage platform which enables an End User to Back up a specified Device (“Device”) to Redstor’s Service Platform (“Service Platform”). The associated software that is provided by Redstor to enable the use of the Service (“Software”) allows automated or manual backup, as well as End User, initiated data recovery. 
  3. Backups can be scheduled to run unattended at a particular time or at a frequency defined by the End User. Before leaving the End User’s device, the Software shall compress the End User’s data (“Data”) and transfer the End User’s Data over a secure SSL connection to the Service Platform. A copy shall then be held at two of Redstor’s Data Centres. Data is stored in an encrypted format (256 bit AES) on the Service Platform and remains so until recovered by the End User. 
  4. Only files that have been modified or added since the last backup will be identified for backup by the system. Data is transferred via any TCP-IP enabled network connection, over TCP port 443.
  5. The Software will undertake backup using advanced compression and efficiency algorithms. Changes to a file are extracted at a sub-file level so that if a document is edited, only the changed bytes of that document will be extracted and sent to the Service Platform. This process allows the Software to communicate only necessary file changes, rather than having to re-send an entire file to the Service Platform. A full copy of the most recent data is kept available for immediate recovery. At least one calendar month of backups will be kept online.
  6. The End User will install the Software on each Device and Redstor shall provide technical support to the End User as is reasonably required. The Software has a number of hardware and software requirements and Redstor shall provide details of such hardware and software requirements prior to installation. The End User shall be responsible for ensuring that the Devices meet the requirements.
  7. One set of Security Credentials (username, password and encryption key) are required for each Device, and the Security Credentials may not be shared between Devices.
  8. The backup username and password can consist of any keyboard combination between 4 and 20 characters. The encryption key can be any keyboard combination between 8 and 56 characters. The encryption key is used when the encryption algorithm encrypts files to keep data confidential. Without the encryption key, no one can access the Data.
  9. Backups shall run unattended by Redstor in accordance with the times and frequencies set by the End User. Redstor shall keep all Data available for immediate recovery by the End User on disk for at least one calendar month. Redstor will ensure that Data restores can be initiated by the End User at any time via the Software.
  10. All recoveries of Data are the responsibility of the End User and except in the situation of an Emergency Recovery, are offered online only. For a situation of emergency recovery as defined by Redstor (“Emergency Recovery”), suitable arrangements must be made to recover data from Redstor’s data centre.
  11. Redstor will undertake specific Emergency Recoveries in accordance with the Schedule of Charges or as otherwise notified by Redstor. Data can be copied locally at the data centre and shipped at cost, to a site of the End User’s choice for direct recovery. The End User shall have the option to collect Data from Redstor using their own preferred couriers. In these instances, no charge shall be made by Redstor for shipping costs.
  12. For all Emergency Recoveries, the End User must provide a Purchase Order number or written confirmation of the request for this service in advance of any local recovery being instigated and agreement to the costs incurred. Redstor will invoice the End User for the full amount following recovery whether successful or unsuccessful.
  13. The Redstor Pro/RBUSS Console, forming part of the Service enables the End User to monitor and control the Software and Backups centrally.
  14. Redstor shall apply within a reasonable period, any new release version or any patch created to address any bugs in the Software (“New Release”). The End User’s use of a New Release shall be governed by the provisions of the Agreement as if it were the Software originally provided.
  15. All updates to the Software are provided by Redstor and are applied automatically as long as the computer is connected to the internet.
  16. If requested by the End User, Redstor shall provide training and installation services for the End User in the use of the New Release as soon as reasonably practicable after the delivery (or the making available) of the New Release and at Redstor’s standard scale of charges from time to time in force.
  17. Following installation of the New Release, the New Release shall become the Software for the purposes of this Agreement.
  18. End User is not permitted to remove data, hardware or software components physically from any data centre owned or rented by Redstor or its partners.

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