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Xero Backup

Protect your business-critical Xero-based accounting data against human error and other disasters with Redstor and gain peace of mind that you have a copy outside of Xero.

Rapid deployment 

Protect your Xero data with our reliable xero backup, which requires just a few clicks, and auto-scale the protection you need with no hardware to install, manage or replace, avoiding impact on local bandwidth and supply chain issues. 

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Automatic scheduling 

Avoid the time-consuming and complicated task of configuring schedules and retention periods separately in numerous places. 

Manage all data through one platform 

Efficiently manage xero backup and on-premise, cloud-native or SaaS data through a single, intuitive, multi-tenant app. No separate log-ins or interfaces. 

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Data sovereignty 

Redstor assists customers in complying with the necessary regulations by supporting region-based data processing and storage.  

Stress-free Recovery

Stress-free recovery

Avoid the risk of overwriting live data by permanently recovering what you need as a CSV file and then importing this into Xero. Or access backups temporarily on a virtual drive.

Adhering to compliance

Easier compliance

Customise retention periods for as long as needed and benefit from a monitorable and auditable process that speeds up Subject Access Requests.

Strong security

Strong security

Redstor uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encryption to ensure the safety of all data it protects, along with role-based permissions and 2FA on the app.

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Why Xero data backup?


Frequently asked questions

Does Xero recommend using a third-party backup provider? 

Xero’s Services Agreement states: “You must maintain copies of all data inputted into the service. Xero expressly excludes liability for any data loss no matter how caused.”

Xero will do an excellent job of ensuring your data is safe and available, but it can’t help if the problem originated from within your organisation. For Example: 

  • A new employee has deleted data in error or imported transactions wrongly. 
  • A disgruntled employee has wreaked havoc, sabotaging files and deleting contacts,  
  • An app you were trialling has pushed unwanted data into your accounting records or drastically altered contact details, records about deals or company data. 
  1. Setup
    • Authorise with a few clicks, and your backups will begin. 
    • Set your backups to run as often as you want with no work interruptions. 
    • Retain a history for as long as you or the client wishes. 
  2. Reporting and admin
    • View your key accounting reports at a historical point in time. 
    • Download a copy of all transactions for a particular year. 
    • Get a copy of all attachments, including receipts within Xero. 
  3. Recovery
    • One click is all it takes to restore backups. 
    • Download files as many times as you want – there’s no charge. 
    • Stream from the cloud while the recovery completes in the background. 
  4. Security
    • Only you have access to the encryption key, so unlike other online backup services, only you can decrypt and recover your backup data. 

Expert Support

Redstor MSPs all gain 24/7 access to Redstor’s market-leading support team, that draws on Redstor’s 20+ years’ experience of delivering consultancy and support within the storage and backup industry.

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