Data Center Facilities

Redstor guarantees data residency and resiliency in regions specific to our global customers’ needs. As well as having our own data centers, Redstor can be utilized with the public cloud, ensuring data sovereignty regardless of a customer’s location.



Processing & Storage

A processing region is a location where we process data for a specific purpose but do not store data beyond the duration of that process. Examples would be using API calls to pull data from a SaaS platform, or run a file through our AI model for malware detection. 

A storage regionis a location where we store customer backups

EuropeAmerica Asia and The Pacific OceanAfrica
Storage Regions Berlin, Germany Illinois, United States Hong Kong, ChinaData Center Johannesburg, South Africa
Frankfurt, Germany Texas, United StatesAzure Cloud New South Wales, AustraliaData Center Cape Town, South Africa
Data Center Reading, United KingdomData Center Washington DC, United States Azure Cloud Victoria, Australia
Data Center Slough, United Kingdom Data Center Phoenix, United States
Paris, France
Processing RegionsAzure Cloud Cardiff, United Kingdom Data Center Virginia, United StatesData Center Johannesburg, South Africa
Azure Cloud London, United Kingdom
Azure Cloud Netherlands, Europe
Azure Cloud Zurich, Switzerland