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Support and Service Level Agreement

1. Technical Support Helpdesk

1.1     REDSTOR will provide a Technical Support Helpdesk (Helpdesk) which will be available during the hours of 09:00 to 17:00 support in all regions on any Business Day (“Business Hours”). The Helpdesk will be responsible for receiving calls from the Reseller reporting Queries, and for responding to Queries about the Services, for logging such calls and pursuing them, and reporting back to the Reseller.

1.2     Reseller is responsible for all End User assistance on technical issues such as installation and activation, setup, etc. (Tier 1 support), as well as assistance resulting from an escalation based on a need for more technical expertise based on features and functionality of the Services (Tier 2 support).

1.3      REDSTOR will provide support upon escalation from Tier 2 where the Reseller requires deeper technical or product assistance to resolve an End User issue (Tier 3 Support). Typically support is provided to Reseller, although may be provided directly to End User upon request.

2. Support process

2.1     The REDSTOR Help desk will open an Electronic Query Log (the “Log”) for all Queries, which shall include:

a)     Time of receipt of the Query;

b)     The nature of the Query;

c)     The Severity Rating of the Query;

d)     The person or persons designated by REDSTOR to deal with the Query;

e)     The person or persons reporting the Query;

f)     The name of the Reseller;

g)     The person or persons whom REDSTOR will liaise with at the Reseller whilst dealing with the Query;

h)     The first steps to be taken in resolving the Query by REDSTOR.

2.2      After a Query has been recorded in the Log, REDSTOR will use reasonable endeavours to respond within the time period required by its Severity Rating as set out in paragraph 3.

2.3      REDSTOR will give regular reports to the contact defined in the Log if so requested, the frequency of such reports depending upon the Severity Rating of the Query as set out in paragraph 3.

2.4      Once a Query is resolved, REDSTOR shall report such resolution to the contact defined in the log.

2.5      All reports, including the report that the Query has been resolved, shall form part of the Electronic Query Log.

2.6      Should the Reseller require assistance outside of Business Hours then REDSTOR may provide such assistance at its discretion and REDSTOR reserves the right to levy an additional call out charge at its sole discretion.

3. Severity rating

3.1      In the event of a problem disrupting a Service, a Query is to be placed on REDSTOR’s Help desk, contact details available at support.redstor.com.

3.2      The Severity Rating of a Query will be determined by REDSTOR.

3.3      Unless otherwise agreed to between the parties, the following severity  ratings will apply and REDSTOR shall use reasonable endeavours to address issues within the estimated times as set out below, although failure to respond to or resolve the Query within this time shall not be of the essence and shall not be deemed to be a breach of this Agreement:

Severity RatingEstimated Response TimeEstimated Resolution Time
11 hour4 hours
22 hours24 hours
324 hours48 hours
448 hoursTo be discussed per Query

3.4      A Severity rating of one (1) means that a critical Service is unavailable. The impact on the Reseller’s business is severe with multiple end users unable to perform their normal work, or there is a serious, adverse business or financial impact. The end users have no readily available alternative way of performing their normal work.

3.5      A Severity rating of two (2) means that a non-critical Service is unavailable. There is a minor impact on business. The Reseller and or its customers are having difficulty in performing their normal work or can undertake other work whilst the problem is being rectified.

3.6      A Severity rating of three (3) means that the Service is impaired. There is no direct immediate impact on the Reseller’s business and its End Users; though employees are inconvenienced by the problem. The Reseller and its End Users have readily available alternative ways of performing normal work.

3.7      A Severity rating of four (4) means that the Reseller requires additional services non-critical in nature. This includes all upgrade or enhancement work that REDSTOR may be required to perform from time to time with the Services and or Software and or investigation and resolution of any REDSTOR Software issues.

4. Provision of support service

4.1      REDSTOR’s obligations to resolve Queries shall be performed remotely via the internet or by the provision of information by email.

4.2     Where a Query cannot be resolved in this manner, and at the agreement in writing of both parties to this Agreement, REDSTOR or its nominated support agent, may attend at the Reseller’s End User premises. Such on-site services may be charged for on a time and materials basis at REDSTOR’s standard rates from time to time or at a rate otherwise determined by REDSTOR to be agreed in writing between both parties to this Agreement prior to any work taking place.

4.3     REDSTOR may make an additional charge in accordance with its standard scale of charges from time to time in force on a time and materials basis for any services provided by REDSTOR (which REDSTOR may supply at their discretion), such charges to be advised prior in writing to the Reseller and agreed between both parties to this Agreement.

5. Services requests

5.1      A Query reported:

a)     Before the start of Business Hours on any Business Day will be treated as having been received at the start of the Business Hours for that Business Day;

b)     After Business Hours on any Business Day will be treated as having been received at the start of Business Hours on the next Business Day.

6. What the support service does not cover

6.1      The Support Service does not cover:

a)     Checking whether or not Data is corrupted at any stage as the Data shall be encrypted therefore REDSTOR shall be unable to carry out any checks in relation to the Data;

b)   Any assistance in relation to the Reseller’s and or their End Users connection to the internet and their connection through their service provider;

c)   Any assistance in relation to any equipment other than the Software;

d)   Assistance in relation to loss of the Reseller’s or their End Users generated software programs;

e)   Where a query does not relate to a failure of any Service.

7. Service level provisions

7.1     REDSTOR will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Services are available (“Services Availability”) at a minimum of 99.5% per month.

Services Availability shall be determined using the formula below:

 Services Availability = (Services Cover Time) – (Total Unavailability)x 100
 (Services Cover Time)

Total unavailability means the total time in minutes (rounded down to the nearest integer) in any calendar month during which the Services are not available due to any acts or omissions of REDSTOR.

7.2     In calculating availability no account shall be taken of time the Services is unavailable due to any installation work or due to any maintenance in relation to the Services.

Where downtime is required for components of the Services, regular maintenance windows are scheduled for upgrade of software and update of operating systems. Maintenance windows are published in the Redstor support site and can be found here: https://support.redstor.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4402384650385

8. Service credits

8.1     If REDSTOR fails to achieve the Services Level Targets specified for the Services above, and if the Reseller requests REDSTOR to do so within five (5) Business Days after the target is not met, the Reseller may claim a credit (up to a limit of £1000 per month) based on the monthly recurring charge for the Services (excluding any variable charges) calculated as a percentage as follows:

Services availability in a given MonthRebate (% of monthly recurring charge) (“MRCs”)
Less than 99.5% and greater than or equal to 98.0%25%
Less than 98.0% and greater than or equal to 95.0%50%
Less than 95.0%75%

8.2      The credits set out in this section are based upon the cumulative elapsed time of unavailability in relation to a particular calendar month. The period of unavailability shall begin to be measured upon the earlier of a) the Reseller reporting a malfunction in the Services that is verified by REDSTOR or b) REDSTOR detecting a malfunction in the Services. The Total Unavailability period shall end when the Services are re-established.

8.3      The credits will be paid as discounts to the MRCs for the month following REDSTOR’s approval of the Reseller’s credit request and their acknowledgement of the level and justification of Services Level Credits or if paid upfront a financial credit the month following such approval and acknowledgement or where appropriate a pro-rata extension of the contract equivalent to the amount of the credit.