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Cloud Backup & Recovery

End downtime by restoring data easily and instantly from everywhere to anywhereLearn More


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Cloud Backup & Recovery

End downtime by restoring data easily and instantly from everywhere to anywhereLearn More

Retrieve data backups on demand

Retrieve data backups on demand

  • Eliminate downtime

    Radically reduce the impact of security incidents, human error and hardware failure with our UK cloud backup solution.

  • Instant data recovery

    Whether it's on premise, hybrid or in the cloud - gain immediate access to critical data with our online backup solutions.

  • Streaming Data

    With unthrottled access to any device, Redstor ensures rapid streaming of backup and restore.

  • Deployment your way

    Borderless visibility of all your critical data, from a single control centre.

  • Centralised control

    View and manage cloud and on-prem data in same place, if you opt to protect Microsoft 365 or G Suite data too.

  • Radically reduce costs

    No capex outlay. Archiving, disaster recovery, search and insight for compliance all included in the price.

  • Liberate the IT team

    Powerful automation, reporting and monitoring.

  • Built to scale

    Scale effortlessly as your business grows with a cloud-based platform and self-service portal.

  • Unthrottled recovery

    Eradicate downtime with instant access to all of your data.

Beat Bandwidth Limitations

Use our calculator to see how Redstor’s instant data management stacks up against other providers using your bandwidth speeds.

We now have a sustainable and scalable solution and we no longer need to dedicate a highly skilled team member’s time to the backup process. Instead, that time is now focused on driving value for the firm.

Charlie Muir, Head of IT, Hill Dickinson

Introducing pioneering online backup & recovery software

Whether your data is on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, our pioneering technology provides streamed, on-demand access to all your data. With unthrottled recovery you can stream it in real time to any device. At the click of a button, we get you up and running within seconds, not days.

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See the future of data management. Now.

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Reject Risk

We can help you radically reduce the threat posed by malware and minimise the potential for data breaches, whilst making downtime a thing of the past. With Redstor, you can:

  • Quickly and easily restore data to its original location or a new location of your choice
  • Complete ad-hoc file recoveries
  • Perform full system restores at any time

As often as required, at no additional charge. We ensure your data is always available, instantly.

Discover more

Wouldn’t you like to eradicate downtime and satisfy user expectations for instant access? Find out how to end your backup and recovery headaches here.

BFL Canada has reduced Recovery Time Objective from 16 hours to 15 minutes: “Redstor has saved us completely, several times..."

Jorge Barreto, Enterprise Architect, BFL Canada

We provide instant, secure access to the data you need, whenever you need it. Here’s how:

  • Pioneering technology

    InstantData™ streams your business-critical data for immediate access from any location. While the rest of your data is restored behind the scenes, users can start accessing the files that they need immediately. By seemingly recovering massive systems in moments, we obliterate your RTO. Auditing and integrity checks are also incredibly easy.

  • Smart compression

    Our intelligent technology encrypts data at source, deduplicates and compresses it. Not only does this greatly reduce the size of each file transmitted, making it bandwidth efficient, but only changed data is transmitted and stored – radically reducing costs.

  • Guaranteed data sovereignty

    With zero downtime and guaranteed data sovereignty, your data remains 100% safe in our dedicated, highly secure, local data centres. Our engineers are available 24/7/365 to provide expert advice wherever you are in the world.

  • Full automation

    Our solution is designed to have minimal or no human intervention throughout its daily management. Cloud backups run to an automated schedule, allowing you to back up data as little or as often as you’d like, at the click of a button. No human error, no risk.

  • Single web-based control centre

    Provision, monitor, maintain and report on backup and recovery through a single control centre, using any device. Users can now create schedules, adjust retention policies and configure bandwidth usage through a centralised management console

  • Recovery options

    Restore data at all levels from single granular objects to folders, VMs or entire servers. Data can be restored from the online backup client, management console, through web access or via InstantDataTM. Plus, our cloud-to-cloud backup solution provides rapid restore for Office 365 and SaaS applications. And in the event of a catastrophic failure, your data can also be physically transported to you via a removable storage device.

  • Agent-based client

    You can back up a wide range of environments with our agent-based, lightweight, efficient client. Enjoy distributed processing and configure multiple clients in a matter of minutes

  • Military-grade encryption

    Encrypted at source using Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key length, your data remains protected with a customer-defined key.

Linux backup diagram

Linux Backup

Automate the process of getting your Linux backup data offsite.

server backup diagram

Server Backup

Data protection for critical servers both physical and virtual.

School backup diagram

School Backup

Redstor’s RBUSS solution for all education establishments.

Vmware backup diagram

VMware Backup

A complete solution for protecting and backing up VMware.

enterprise backup diagram

Enterprise Backup

A backup solution for large data sets and complex environments

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