Empowering women in the tech industry

To empower and celebrate women in the tech industry by fostering a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and amplification of voices.

Fun through Empowerment

We empower women to seize new opportunities, leverage their maximum potential and achieve their goals whilst having fun.

Learning with
Ally Connectors

Our community of women and ally connectors promotes an environment of learning and development through mentorships and sponsorships for areas of growth in their careers, championing women from around the business where and when they need it.

in Changemaking

We believe in challenging the status quo with integrity and positively impacting our communities by setting smart goals and driving change.

Prosperity with Innovators

We inspire women to think outside the box and continuously challenge themselves to learn new cutting-edge technologies and innovate ways to solve real customer problems. We imagine a better future for women everywhere and advocate for the risk-takers who create new solutions resulting in prosperity and success.

Our Vision

To empower women globally and create a community of diverse, passionate women and allies driving positive change. We will achieve this through awareness, support, safe spaces, and innovative programs promoting gender equality, mentorship, advocacy, and community service. We will amplify women’s voices, recognize their successes, and nurture an inclusive and empowering network, making a lasting impact in the technology industry and society.