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Cloud Archiving

Dramatically cut your primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with Redstor and still have immediate access to your archived data. Best of all, no user training or ongoing management is required.Learn More


Cloud Archiving

Dramatically cut your primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with Redstor and still have immediate access to your archived data. Best of all, no user training or ongoing management is required.Learn More

Data archiving on demand

Data archiving on demand

  • Cut storage costs

    No more unanticipated investment in additional hardware to address rapid growth of unstructured data.

  • Liberate your IT team

    Swap time-consuming legacy technologies, such as magnetic tape, for simple-to-manage, highly scalable, long-term cloud archiving-as-a-service.

  • Instant data recovery

    Retain 24/7/365 access to archived data while addressing ever-growing need for increased data security.

  • Free up primary storage

    Extend the life of your expensive hardware assets with tiered storage and delay purchasing more primary storage to cope with your data growth.

  • Improve archiving durability and reliability

    Copies of your data are held offsite in multiple locations, and the service is fully automated with audit trails and reporting included.

  • No user training required

    There is no need for end-user training because the user experience remains completely unchanged. Archiving is centrally managed via policies created by your IT team.

  • Minimise archiving management overheads

    Overcome challenge posed by ROT (redundant, obsolete or trivial) data by fully automating the archiving process, whilst ensuring that the user experience remains unchanged.

  • Liberate your IT team

    Fully automated and policy-driven, Redstor seamlessly archives data that meets specified criteria – giving you complete control of what’s archived and when, and liberating your IT team to focus on more strategic priorities.

  • Eliminate delays in access to archived data

    Hosted in Redstor’s secure data centres, your archived data files are streamed instantly and on demand from the cloud, using our InstantData™ technology

How much can you save with Cloud Archiving?

Discover how much you can save by cutting costs of your primary storage space by offloading rarely accessed data to the cloud.

Retrieving three-year-old data from our archive was as simple as drag and drop. With tape, that data would have been unrecoverable.

Marc Toovey, Technical Manager, Boyes Turner

Reimagining archiving with InstantData™

When you archive files of any size (including databases) with Redstor, a tiny stub file is left behind on primary storage. This stub represents the original data but consumes almost zero disk space. When a stub is opened by a user or application, InstantData™ rehydrates the portion of the file that is accessed, serving the file or database up immediately, on demand and effortlessly. The local copy is only replaced with a stub once the file has been error-checked and confirmed as existing offsite in multiple, secure Redstor data centres, guaranteeing data security.

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Your competitive advantage

Is your archived data difficult to search or gain insight from? Is redundant obsolete and trivial data clogging up your primary storage? Redstor allows you to:

  • Discover, search and action all your unstructured data on any device.
  • Take total control with centralised visibility across your entire data estate.
  • Easily identify risks and create opportunities to cut costs.


Discover more

Wouldn’t you like to make massive savings on the cost of storage, while retaining instant access to all your archived data with a simple, monitorable, and auditable trail? Find out how to end your archiving headaches here:

No more high storage costs, siloed data or difficult data access

Every day we help more than 40,000 customers around the world simplify the task of backing up critical business data and systems with Cloud Archiving. Our pioneering data management solution offers rapid data restoration and enables organisations to easily meet Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives to ensure their business is ‘always-on’.

Redstor archiving saves Stonyhurst College £12,000

Discover how Stonyhurst College, the country’s leading 3-18 independent Catholic school, saved £12,000 by choosing Redstor to back up, recover and archive data.

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“It was the first time I’d done a search like that and I found that to be brilliant. When I looked for it with Redstor, I could get the right date and identify exactly what the user needed."

Darren Bailey, IT Manager, Rooks Rider

See how much space you can free up

Find out how much space you can free up by offloading inactive data to the cloud. Redstor’s Storage Analyser allows you to discover what proportion of your data has not been modified for a month, a year . . .  however long you specify in the last two years. Redstor’s Storage Analyser scans local hard drives, making calculations from the file metadata. No actual data or personally identifiable information is collected.

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