Redstor Pro's Data Management Platform features an integrated archiving solution which delivers simple to manage, highly scalable long term archiving that ensures data remains extremely easy to access whilst freeing up expensive primary storage. Users of the service avoid the need to archive data to unreliable tape or add more expensive tier one storage due to data growth.

Simple, Scalable and Accessible Archiving




What is Redstor Archiving?

Simple, automated and easy to manage

Redstor Pro’s integrated archiving solution delivers a simple to manage, highly scalable long term archival that ensures data remains extremely easy to access whilst freeing up expensive primary storage, avoiding the need to archive data to unreliable tape or add more expensive tier one storage.

Optimal User Experience

Once Redstor's archiving technology is deployed, the user experience is unchanged. Archived files are replaced on primary storage with stub files. When interacting with these files, they open for users as if they were stored on local disk. In the background however, archived files are streamed from Redstor's platform rather than being opened from primary storage.

Reduce storage costs

Storing data that has never, or may never be accessed on expensive tier one disk increases costs and offers no return on investment. Redstor Pro helps you to reduce costs by automating the transfer of data to more financially efficient storage of your choice, be that local media, the public cloud or Redstor’s data centers.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Protecting data in complex disparate infrastructures, including on-site, local office, hosted, and SaaS environments creates challenges that traditional technology struggle to address. This means additional costs or increasing risks of data loss or misappropriation. Redstor Pro can be deployed in wide ranging environments, providing you with a single pane to view, manage and protect all of your data, be it stored on a local server, a laptop, a hosted server in the far-east or on a desktop on the other side of the world.

Secure your data and meet compliance requirements

The volume of data created in the last two years is larger than the total volume created in the previous two thousand years, and over the next twelve months we will create double again. This data needs to be deleted or secured, and there is little point in securing it if you do not know what it is, where it is or how to access it. Redstor Pro allows you to secure, catalogue and retain all or a subset of your data through archiving policies, helping you to meet data retention and security requirements.

Guaranteed Data Sovereignty

With the arrival of GDPR, data protection, sovereignty and security is more important than ever. Redstor's data management platform is delivered from the UK with data hosted only in Redstor's highly secure data centres, which are supported from the UK.

Predictable Pricing

We believe it's important that our customers know exactly what their bill will be each month. That's why our cost for archiving is a simple cost per GB. There are no hidden fees or bandwidth costs, so there won't be any nasty surprizes.


Archive data automatically whilst ensuring data remains easily accessible