Data Management

Cloud Data Management Platform

Manage all of your organization's data, whether it resides in the cloud or your data center with Redstor Pro - unify backup, disaster recovery and archiving. Achieve compliance and gain invaluable insight into your information, all without the need for additional hardware and through a single interface.

Redstor Pro Data Management

Redstor's software-defined data management platform addresses the data backup, disaster recovery and archiving needs of over 40,000 organisations. The platform enables our clients to understand, gain visibility and take control of one of their most important assets, their data.

Redstor Pro enables automated data management; it drives down operational costs, significantly improves the security and availability of data and provides peace of mind in an age where cyber threats are a permanent reality.

Data Management

Cloud Backup Solutions

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Disaster Recovery

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Redstor Pro's Data Management Platform features an integrated archiving solution which delivers simple to manage,…


Redstor Pro is available as a cloud service

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