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Webinar: Elevate Your Redstor Experience

Temika Sheehan posted in Redstor | 27 Nov 2023

We have made it easy for you to stay updated with all the latest feature releases at Redstor.

Watch our on-demand webinar now to learn all about our new product updates and features.

Access the webinar slides here

Our latest updates will allow you to:

• Boost your data security with our M365 multiple daily backups

• Access transparent pricing models, both for per user and infrastructure pricing

• Manage all seats protected within our SaaS products effortlessly with Microsoft 365 All Services

• Gain true visibility into pricing with our Microsoft 365 Estimate Charge

• Stay up-to-date with all of our offerings via Redstor’s Marketplace and Product Catalogue

• Ensure your data’s longevity with expanded retention policies for Microsoft 365

• Streamline your day-to-day operations with our new RedAPI, which will allow seamless integration with other third-party applications