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Bett Global 2024 | Revolutionizing Data Security for Education

Redstor posted in Redstor | 8 Feb 2024

As digital technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of education, the demand for strong data protection has never been greater.  At BETT 2024, Redstor demonstrated why we are the #1 choice for backup and recovery, while also advocating for more innovative data security for schools and universities. The Redstor team was able to spend three days at Bett speakingwith educators about their existing data backup strategies. 

Empowering Education with Complete Data Protection

Redstor is celebrated as the leading provider of backup and recovery in the education sector, earning the trust of over 50% of UK schools. Our commitment to the education industry is unwavering, as evidenced by our record of over 12,000 successful data recoveries in the past year alone. Our mission is to deliver complete predictability and coverage in data protection, ensuring that every piece of crucial educational data is secured against the unforeseen. 

Tailored and Affordable Solutions for Schools

Understanding the unique financial constraints of educational institutions, Redstor is priced affordably, scaling with the size of your school. This approach offers comprehensive data protection without usage restrictions, ensuring that budgetary concerns never compromise the safety of your valuable data. With Redstor, educators can focus on what they do best—teaching and inspiring—without worrying about data breaches or unexpected bills.  

Standing Guard Against Cyber Threats

In an age where malware attacks are escalating, Redstor is the bulwark against these digital threats. Our service aligns with the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA), setting the standard for the most secure learning environments. The inclusion of robust AI-powered malware scanning in our backup solutions means that educational data is backed up and protected against malware, offering a malware-free recovery every time. 

Going Beyond Industry Standards

While some vendors opt for minimal compliance, Redstor goes the extra mile. We provide not one but two immutable copies of your data, stored offsite in separate cloud locations, with the additional option of a third local copy. This multi-tiered backup strategy is designed to keep schools ahead of the curve and fully compliant with industry data backup and recovery guidelines. 

Simplifying Data Protection

Our whole-school bundle has been meticulously crafted to remove the complexities of data protection. It offers an all-encompassing solution that covers Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, servers, SIMS, and more. All managed through a single, secure, and intuitive app. This simplicity ensures that educational institutions can safeguard their critical data without the hassle, providing peace of mind for educators, administrators, and IT staff. 

Thank you from Redstor for joining us at BETT 2024

BETT 2024 is more than just an event—it’s a gathering of forward-thinking educators and technology leaders dedicated to empowering the future of education. Redstor is at the heart of this movement, providing the data security that enables schools and colleges to thrive in a digital world.

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