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Deal registration

Complete the form below to register a deal with Redstor. 

Designed with partners in mind

The Redstor deal registration process is designed to give Redstor partners additional protection and support around ongoing opportunities. 

  • Suitable for all partners 
  • Partners are 70% more successful in closing opportunities when Redstor are involved at the early stages of a sales process 
  • Rewards partners who identify and develop new business opportunities 
  • Ensure you have the best resources to complete a deal
  • Deal registrations last for a period of 3 months

Deal registration requirements

  • Opportunity must be net-new business to Redstor 
  • Opportunity must not have been previously registered by a Redstor partner 
  • Agreed opportunity details must be provided

All deals registered with Redstor are subject to an approval process, so please look out for an email with further information. To organize a bulk deal registration, please get in touch with your account manager or email [email protected].