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Cloud Backup for MSPs. Only Smarter.

Experience a smarter backup and recovery solution, matched with best-in-class sales and marketing enablement, designed to help MSPs turbo-charge their business.

Be a backup admin HERO and satisfy DELIGHT customers

Improve customer experience and accelerate onboarding via your own branded online marketplace. Protect customer data in seconds with no hardware delays.

Make downtime a thing of the past by instantly recovering infrastructure, cloud-native and SaaS backup and archive data with Redstor’s proprietary data streaming technology, InstantData.

Get the vendor support LOVE you deserve

  • Personalised sales, marketing and technical enablement and training
  • Turbo-charge business with campaign toolkits and dedicated marketing support
  • Network with peers and shape Redstor product direction via a purpose-built, online partner community, RedTribe
  • Gain leads and automated customer onboarding via Redstor’s partner directory
  • Not to mention NFR pricing, MDF entitlement, tiered pricing discounts and more

Get instant access to the smartest backup and recovery platform.

Grow TURBO-CHARGE backup profits

Improve time to market with online training and enablement, utilizing the latest technology and onboard customers in minutes, generating high-margin revenue on day one.

Protect all customer data on infrastructure, cloud-native or SaaS, via a single, multi-tenant app that scales infinitely with no hardware. Leverage machine learning and automation to reduce overheads and identify revenue opportunities, freeing you to focus on relationships.

Say hello to backup stress BLISS

Protect customer data on infrastructure, cloud-native, and a wide array of SaaS in seconds, all via a single app, with no hardware and infinite scalability.

Recover systems, files, and databases instantly, thanks to proprietary data streaming technology, InstantData™.

Outsmart malware with offline and immutable backups infused with proprietary AI-malware detection technology.

Get instant access to the smartest backup and recovery platform.

Manage OUTSMART cyber threats

Automatically detect, quarantine, and remove suspicious files from backup data, to recover malware-free.

Manage the exposure and concentration of sensitive documents for customers, enabling them to be protected effectively.