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Redstor Demos

Find out more about our pioneering data-management solution for the channel

Redstor Demos

Find out more about our pioneering data-management solution for the channel

About Redstor

Redstor enables MSPs to generate margin-rich, repeatable revenue with a pioneering technology that uniquely live streams backup, archive and DR data, while offering insight into organisations’ entire data estates. Data Management for an On-Demand World.


Cloud Backup & Recovery

Watch a demo and see how Redstor’s cloud backup and recovery enables you to reject risk and demolish downtime.


Cloud Archiving

Watch a demo and see Redstor’s cloud archiving in action. Dramatically cut storage costs and access archived data immediately.

Disaster Recovery – Temporary

[Part 1] – Our pioneering InstantData allows you to stream your data on demand. See how easy it is to map a virtual drive of your backups, for instant access to your data in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery – Permanent

[Part 2] – Discover how you can recover your critical data instantly and eliminate downtime with Redstor.

Disaster Recovery – FSR

[Part 3] – See how Redstor can eliminate downtime in the event of a disaster through a full system restore.

Search & Insight

Discover how you can gain borderless visibility of your data, mitigate risk and evidence compliance. with Redstor’s Search & Insight.

Setup Office 365 Protection

[Part 1] – Watch how you can protect all the Office 365 data within your organisation, directly from Microsoft’s cloud, all through an intuitive web interface.

Recovering Office 365 Data

[Part 2] Watch the video to learn how to recover Office 365 data, with rapid restores of OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange for business continuity.

Bare Metal Recovery

See how you can recover your data to bare metal and eliminate downtime with Redstor in our technical demo.

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