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Your company's data may be at risk, and it's time to save the day.

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Your company's data may be at risk, and it's time to save the day.

There are many evil threats out there! 

Guarantee data recovery after a natural disaster, cyber attack, data loss, or malicious deletion.

Automate the process of securely sending data offsite, keeping your backups isolated from your live environment so they can’t be targeted by hackers or malware authors.

Guarantee recovery from a ransomware attack with instant access to protected data.

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Gain superpowers!

Give your company the power to recover mission-critical data instantly. Yes, instantly!

Redstor’s data-streaming technology allows you to recover massive systems seemingly in moments.

InstantData™ creates sparse files in your file system when a recovery starts, giving the user the experience of immediate availability. These sparse files are initially empty and rehydrate on demand. Less critical data recovers in the background.

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Shine a light on your data

Search and gain insight into your company's data, overcome compliance headaches once for all!

Comply with regulations and legislation by easily and quickly identifying files. Backups created and stored with Redstor can be searched to make sure every reference to a data subject, including in Microsoft 365 or Gmail, is found instantly.

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Overhead buster

Slash your company's storage costs by offloading stale data to the cloud and still have immediate access!

Avoid further hardware investment by freeing up primary storage space when you archive files of any size (including databases) with Redstor.

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