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VMware backup

The complete solution for protecting and backing up VMware as efficiently as physical server backup.

VMware backup

The complete solution for protecting and backing up VMware as efficiently as physical server backup.

VMware backup

VMware data backup solutions are often built as add-ons to legacy backup solutions as vendors historically have not prioritised the ability to backup VMware.

Redstor is designed to backup VMware virtual machines to ensure that your backup strategies are being met. With configurable scheduling, encryption levels and retention, Redstor is the perfect backup solution for VMware.

Modern organisations are likely to employ a hybrid approach to infrastructure, utilising virtual machines as well as traditional servers. What this means is that IT leaders need to cater for the protection of both virtualised and physical servers whether using an online backup, on-premise or hybrid backup approach.

Recovering VMware backup data

Protect all virtual machines

Built on state of the art infrastructure and designed with enterprise environments in mind, Backup Pro, VMware backup will protect your environment whether there be a few virtual machines or hundreds.

Scale as you implement with flexible deployment

With a VMware backup solution that can scale out as quickly as you grow your VMware platform data is always safe. With flexible deployment options available, Backup Pro can be implemented in a matter of minutes with backups ready to run instantly or in line with automated schedules.

Restores to suit your environment

VMware backup restore in many ways is more important than VMware backup. The inability to get data back efficiently in a given scenario, be it a file deletion or a disaster, can have costs to your organisation that are not only monetary but timely too.

File/folder restore

Being able to quickly and easily restore a single file or folder should be second nature to any VMware backup solution, however with organisations of all sizes still relying on mediums such as tape backup this is not always the case.

Redstor Backup Pro gives the ability to dynamically search backups by name, date or time giving you instant access to the files you need to restore.


In today's fast-paced business environment, organisations have to be able to operate 24/7/365. Waiting for data to be found, accessed and restored costs money and could result in reputational damage if the knock on effects are felt by customers or prospective clients.

InstantData takes away the headaches of complex restore processes and allows you to get back to work immediately.

Full System Recovery (FSR)

FSR takes the complexity out of recovering a lost server. By automating the process, FSR rebuilds your VMware machines allowing you to deal with DR quickly and continue working.

Hardware recovery and courier

Should you experience a disaster situation, having different options available for restore will be vital to getting back to operational capacity.

Redstor Backup Pro gives you the ability to recover your VMware virtual machines to hardware that can then be couriered to a DR site of your choice to ensure you can restore all data at LAN speeds.

One backup solution for all

Redstor backup prioritses your VMware backups to ensure that your virtual data is protected at all times. By efficiently scanning all data and sending only incremental changes that have been made between backup windows, Redstor has minimal impact on your VMware environment and network.

Using encryption keys set by you, the security of your data is guaranteed while data will only be backed up to regional data centres of your choice. Redstor is the VMware backup solution of choice for tens of thousands of organisations who know the real importance of VMware backup is recovery.

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