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Backup for AWS Kubernetes

Back up your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with powerful simplicity.

  • No error-prone script deployments or configuration
  • Automated updates
  • No upfront costs
  • No complex licensing

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Backup for AWS Kubernetes

Back up your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with powerful simplicity.

Simple, intuitive backup for Amazon EKS in AWS

See how fast and easy it is to manage and recover your AWS Kubernetes infrastructure, radically reducing the impact of accidental deletion, malicious activity or corruption.

Back up your Kubernetes environment to a different S3 bucket within Amazon EKS – and manage it effortlessly through an intuitive web interface.

Recover swiftly in the event of an issue

Unlike traditional, machine-based backups that were not designed for modern, container-based applications, Redstor’s smart, cloud data management and protection ensures set-up and recovery are both quick and easy.

Protect your AWS Kubernetes data - fast

Set up and scale the protection you need in minutes.

  • No wading through unmanageable complex scripts
  • No professional services fees to get started
  • No management overheads
  • No sifting through complex licensing models
  • No waiting for a vendor to get around to you
  • Stay first in line

    Avoid vendor bottlenecks with a self-service model that leaves you free to deploy, manage and scale protection quickly and easily, knowing that 24/7 support is always at hand.

  • Perform rapid, easy restores

    Recover applications without resorting to the manual reconstruction of all your Kubernetes objects. With configuration-aware backups, recoveries are as easy as redeploying your pods. Just select a backup to restore from, create a name for the restore and start the recovery. It’s as simple as that.

  • Exploit cloud-native efficiencies

    Make use of application mobility. Recover straight back to an existing cluster in the event of an issue. Cloud-to-cloud protection also means no impact on local bandwidth and no storage management.

  • Save on time and operational overheads

    Manage your data from a single application - with an AWS Kubernetes backup solution that is robust and easy to use. Schedule automatic backups, start a manual backup at any time, monitor progress, check backup logs.

  • Maintain control for business continuity

    Avoid reliance on your cloud provider for restores in the event of an issue. With a separate AWS Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery policy, you always have that reassurance that a third party is there to ensure you can manage and access that vital data.

  • Simplify your data management

    Assign consistent protection policies across your entire data estate with one central, easy-to-use system. Keep data beyond time limits supported by Amazon AWS.

  • Implement strong security

    Deliver centralised management of data without circumventing AWS security and auditing. With zero downtime and preservation of data sovereignty, your data remains 100% safe.

  • Record audit trail of user activities

    Track and monitor all user activity across the cloud-to-cloud platform. Easily evidence AWS Kubernetes backups and restores for regulation and compliance purposes.

  • Keep costs down

    Budget confidently with transparent and predictable pricing. No hidden costs, no surprises. You can also rest assured that Redstor can easily be extended to address data services that will likely be deployed by developers in the future.

Why organisations back up Amazon EKS with Redstor

Designed to protect container-based applications, Redstor backs up the set of nodes, virtual or physical machines responsible for running containerised applications and workloads inside a Kubernetes cluster. This enables you to:

  • Do away with the delays of having to back up entire virtual machines
  • Eradicate the need to rebuild existing applications during restores
  • Avoid the manual burden of assembling and maintaining an unwieldy and time-consuming container-granular solution

AWS Kubernetes backup data sheet

Find out more about how Redstor’s AWS Kubernetes backup, a secure, user-friendly way to auto scale protection of Kubernetes containers in AWS.


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