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How Redstor keeps your data secure

  • Customisable user permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Transport Layer Security

How Redstor keeps your data secure

Customisable user permissions for greater control and security

Address the modern challenges of securing remote workers and hybrid cloud environments and mitigating ransomware threats with customisable user permissions. Organisations keen to establish a zero-trust policy can create and manage user identities within a single interface, secured by the very latest multi-factor authentication technology, for a whole new level of control and security.

  • Customise data and systems access to restrict spread of compromised logins
  • Update security policies across entire environment in one action
  • Grant third-party permissions for secure collaboration without jeopardising network security

Transport Layer Security

Redstor employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure the complete safety of all the data we protect, all the time – even during transfer. TLS is a cryptographic protocol that ensures privacy when two applications – typically a client and a server – communicate. To establish trust between the two applications, TLS dictates they must “shake hands” at the beginning of any communication session.

A TLS handshake is essentially a lightning-fast electronic conversation in which the two applications agree on how they will scramble the contents of their messages so that no outside party can read them. This scrambling process is called encryption, and the scrambling method is called a cipher.

How TLS works

At Redstor, we use TLS to create secure sessions between our data management agent (the client in this scenario) and the storage platform (the server). The storage platform supports the use of TLS 1.2.

  • Any connections with insufficient security are blocked.

Identifying insecure cipher suites

Guarding against protocol downgrade attacks on your organisation prevents the stealing of login credentials or personal information, the interception and modification of communications, or the corruption of your data.

  • The storage platform will identify insecure cipher suites that are being allowed by your operating system.
  • Warnings about any such discoveries are logged daily in the storage platform console’s AccountServer log.
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Redstor’s Data Centre Facilities

Redstor has invested heavily in data-centre facilities over a number of years to provide services with enterprise-level availability, security and resilience.

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  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    We offer two-factor login authentication to protect your data against access by unauthorised intruders. This protection is provided by a trusted third-party identity provider of your choice, such as Microsoft or Google, which also helps to streamline user access and centralise permissions policies.

  • Your data is safe with us

    In an age in which data is a precious commodity that is constantly under attack, we take data security as seriously as you do. You can rest assured that your data will be safe in our hands.


During Redstor’s backup process, the individual blocks that make up your data are compressed and encrypted using the 256-bit AES in Galois Counter Mode (GCM) before they are transferred from your servers to our storage platform.
We also verify the integrity of each block of your data before it is stored for the first time. TLS is used to authenticate all data transfers.
With Redstor:

  • Your data remains encrypted at all times, including at rest.
  • We make use of digital certificates to protect your encryption key.
  • No-one except your authorised data administrator can access your backed-up data.
  • No encryption keys are stored by, or are even visible to, anyone at Redstor.

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