To deliver services around the globe, Redstor works with a carefully selected network of experienced service delivery partners.


To deliver services around the globe, Redstor works with a carefully selected network of experienced service delivery partners.

Why partner with Redstor?

The Partner Programme has been designed to:

  • Strengthen your competitive advantage:  Enhance your cloud offering and differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Gain credibility: Capitalise on the Redstor brand, which serves 40,000 customers and has gained industry recognition and respect in the marketplace.
  • Generate new business: Accelerate the results of your efforts through joint-marketing activities and sales-enablement programmes.
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  • Built for partners

    Redstor's software was designed for partners from the ground up. Multi-tenanted and built for the cloud, Redstor enables partners to manage thousands of customers with ease.

  • High loyalty rates

    Renowned for its reliability, security and ease of support, Redstor's service has an extremely high customer loyalty rate.

  • Flexible billing

    Retain complete control over your relationship with your customers. Our flexible billing options support you in however you choose to invoice your customers.

  • Enterprise-class infrastructure and world-class support

    Leverage world-class, data-centre infrastructure with no capital investment and take advantage of Redstor's highly experienced technical team and platform monitoring, available 24/7/365.

  • Simple management

    Manage all of your customer accounts centrally from a single, secure management console with detailed reporting and automated notifications.

  • Financially backed SLAs

    Redstor provides templated contracts, financially backed Service Level Agreements and liability insurance, which can be rebranded, simplifying client onboarding.

Partner Programme benefits

  • Achieve extra discounts on nominated new business opportunities via our lead registration process.
  • Obtain discount on licences and support (further discount for top-level partners with confirmed deal registration).
  • Receive dedicated marketing support to help maximise your marketing activities.
  • Secure marketing development funds to support joint activity.
  • Add credibility by using our well known logo in your customer-facing communications.
Organisation benefits from investing in the Redstor

Redstor Deal Registration

The registration programme protects your investment by securing commercial support from Redstor and mitigates against the risk of entering a pricing conflict with other Redstor partners.

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