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Archiving TCO Calculator

Archiving TCO Calculator

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How much could you save with Redstor?

Reduce your primary storage and associated costs by offloading rarely accessed data to the cloud, without any impact on data accessibility.

Traditional archiving solutions involve significant management overhead and result in data being slow and difficult to access for users.

Our pioneering, policy-driven, automated archiving technology allows you to free up primary storage while keeping management overheads to an absolute minimum. Importantly, we archive data in a seamless, transparent way, ensuring that it remains just as visible and accessible as it was before archiving. No user training or ongoing management is required.

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Own your on-premise primary storage?

Redstor’s cloud archiving can enable you to sweat your primary storage assets for longer by off-loading data to Redstor’s datacentres, saving you huge costs by avoiding the purchase of additional primary storage infrastructure.

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