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Financial Services

Redstor has extensive experience in the financial services sector, protecting the data of companies providing hedge funds, asset management, foreign exchange, loans and insurance.

Financial Services

Redstor has extensive experience in the financial services sector, protecting the data of companies providing hedge funds, asset management, foreign exchange, loans and insurance.

Complete data management for financial services firms

Data is on the move, cloud systems are growing in use in the financial services industry and firms are finding it more difficult to keep track of all data for compliance purposes.

Redstor helps you discover, control and manage your data while maintaining security and ensuring compliance with industry regulations such as those set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

All data on demand via a single control centre

Redstor is ideal for the highly sensitive, confidential client data that financial services create and handle. It provides extremely fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and global search.

With sprawling complex estates, businesses find it hard to control all their data confidently, but Redstor’s pioneering solution enables visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all data, wherever it is stored, through a single control centre.

Redstor works the way you do – in real time – and allows firms to comply fully with ever more stringent regulations. It also offers simplified deployment and billing with reduced management overheads and costs.

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Find out how Redstor helped Scrutton Bland:

  • save £2,500 annually in additional hardware costs for backup server and hard drives
  • free up 100 man hours per annum
  • comply with regulations and manage by exception, allowing IT staff to focus more on business-driven initiatives

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Find out how Redstor has helped Simmons Gainsford accountants:

  • save time with quick and easy centralised management of data
  • comply with GDPR by providing the capability to search and action data wherever it resides
  • make downtime a thing of the past
  • Secure and reliable

    All backups are automatically run to a schedule set by you, before transfer across the network. They are protected with an encryption key that you set.

  • Optimised for large data sets

    Redstor offers full reporting and management by exception, increasing backup and archiving process efficiencies. InstantData offers a flexible and faster way to access and retrieve data.

  • Automated reports

    Reports can be scheduled automatically on a daily basis to ensure the success of backup and archive sessions. This enables management by exception, reducing the need for manual interaction and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

  • Flexible

    Extremely flexible, Redstor can be deployed quickly as an onsite solution, as a fully cloud-based SaaS solution or a hybrid of the two. Replace numerous applications with one single cloud platform to manage all data, whether in the cloud, on your premises or on end-points.

  • Fully compliant

    Redstor's technology follows Financial Conduct Authority guidelines and best practice, fully complying with data management and security recommendations.

“Under the other system, recovering the whole server would have taken 16 hours. I know that because I had to test it afterwards. There was no downtime, though, with Redstor’s InstantData.”

Jorge Barreto, Enterprise Architect, BFL CANADA

Redstor eliminates costly downtime, giving you the ability to stream data on-demand whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Ensure full control of data sovereignty by protecting data in multiple UK data centres and no risk of data crossing international borders or being accessed by unauthorised third parties.