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Thu, 08/12/2016 - 09:18
Cloud Services

Our recent November SA and UK partner events were held in Johannesburg and London respectively. It was a great chance for Redstor to have some face time with partners with great networking opportunities.

The morning sessions were filled with company and product updates, market insights, the affinity partner program, new Redstor vision and data analytics. 

After lunch we headed back and had 2 hours of round table discussion where everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences, needs and wants for future development. The discussions were broken up into:
• Analytics as a service (AaaS)
• Backup Pro product roadmap
• Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
• Operational feedback

Below is a summary of the feedback received from both SA and UK partner events:  

1. Did you ever think Donald Trump had a realistic chance of becoming the next US president.


2. Please indicate which of the following is your primary market:


3. Of all the features mentioned today, which is the one you feel will best serve your business moving into 2017?


It is interesting that the top voted future development feature differs between SA and UK partners. In SA the winner was Archiving whereas in the UK Cloud-to-Cloud backup came out on top. This indicates a difference in the markets between these regions. Possibly due to a higher adoption of public cloud services in the UK?

Here are some more questions asked by individual partners on the online forum and answers from the Redstor technical team:

Q: Is Full System Backup based on file level only or is there a snapshot option/capability?

A: A full system backup in Enterprise Server Edition ensures that all disks and therefore all data on the computer is included in the backup. Full System Backup is based on file level but utilises VSS to create snapshots, first of the system-critical information and then of various other applications such as Microsoft SQL Server databases, Exchange mailbox databases.

Q: Recovery to VMware or Hyper-V, are any other hypervisors supported?

A: Currently only VMware (VHD) and Hyper-V (VMDK) are supported. The data can be restored to either one of these disk types, and third party conversion tools can be used to convert the data to other hypervisor compatibility.  

Q: Can we see via the remote console if the local copy of the backup has been created?

A: When a backup is started it is sent to the Storage Platform and the local disk at the same time, and the backup duration is the same. Currently, this cannot be viewed in the Console but normal Backup logs on the Client will reflect this. Email notification can also set up as a notification mechanism for failed local copy creation.

Q: Automatic/script upgrade to use from SE?

A: An SE to ESE auto migration script in is preview, it will be released December 2016.

Q: Is Backup Operator mode fully supported in ESE now?

A: Yes, we use it by default.

Q: How is the archiving roadmap addressing long term retention based on the new digital signing?

A: This feature is still in investigation phase. We will be able to properly comment once detailed specification has been finalised.

Q: Can the analytics tools also provide visibility of data management in relation to changes and recoveries to drive archiving standards?

A: This feature is still in investigation phase. We will be able to properly comment once detailed specification has been finalised.

Q: Are there alert policies if a user's data contains credit card or passwords stored in it? MS Delve for backup?

A: No. But, with Redstor Backup Pro all data is encrypted which means its contents cannot be read without the encryption key – which is private to each user.

Q: Can you back up SharePoint doc libraries as well as OneDrive?

A: Redstor Backup Pro can back up OneDrive successfully. We are looking to expand to more cloud-to-cloud backup options in 2017.

Q: Are there plans to restore direct to Office 365?

A: At the moment, it is still a manual step, but we are looking to improve this in 2017.

Q: What process do you implement to prevent ransomware from corrupting or deleting files during backups?

A: When using Backup pro, once an infection has been detected, a full restore can be done of the data prior to the ransomware infection time.

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