Why you shouldn't renew your legacy backup solution

Every day more and more organisations using traditional legacy data backup solutions switch to Redstor to improve backup reliability and increasing flexibility. Legacy backup solutions, such as those relying on physical media including tapes, have been around for decades. Once upon a time they were the best solution available however, they are now often a much less attractive solution compared to modern, more flexible technologies that can be configured as a pure, hybrid or private cloud solution.

Technology has developed a lot in the last decade and with cloud technologies now forming a key part of many businesses’ strategies, there are more reasons than ever to replace legacy backups.

How Redstor Replace Legacy Backup

Redstor are experts at helping organisations with their journey to the cloud having made the journey ourselves. Since 1998 Redstor have architected and implemented onsite backup, storage and archiving solutions, We began offering automated offsite backup via the Internet before it was called Cloud Backup.

Today we provide over 40,000 organisations of all sizes with cloud data management, deploying fully hosted solutions, on-premise solutions and combinations of the two. We have worked onsite and we have forged a well-travelled path to the cloud gaining expertise that we use to guide others.


Just Some of the Reasons to Replace Legacy Backups

Simple predictable pricing versus complex, frustrating pricing and high upfront costs

Legacy backup solutions often have pricing structures that include licensing based on number of devices, processors, nodes, networks, appliances or any combination these along with costs based on data stored or protected and perhaps the number of users whose data is being protected. Renewals too can be complex to price and as legacy backup solutions often rely on physical hardware or media, there is usually a high upfront cost to the solution. Redstor’s pricing is simple, cost-effective and predictable, able to scale up or down with usage, with no upfront costs.


Easy to use versus complex and time-consuming to manage

Legacy backup systems tend to be complicated to roll-out, update and manage on an ongoing basis. Complication does not benefit anyone, resulting in solutions being cumbersome and time consuming and there is one commodity that is finite; time. Redstor’s automated cloud backup solution frees up IT administrators and managers to better use their precious time to focus on adding value to the business rather than fire-fighting. Redstor Pro’s management console addresses the challenges of provisioning, monitoring, maintaining and reporting on remote backup and recovery through a single easy to understand interface with automated reports providing the ability to manage by exception.


Robust and reliable versus hope for the best

Fully automated, Redstor Pro minimises the need for human intervention in the backup process. It also removes all reliance on physical media, which is prone to failure and ensures that data is securely encrypted before being automatically sent offsite for DR. Backups run to schedules set by the user, and via the central management console, users gain visibility, control and ultimately peace of mind that their data is being protected. IT administrators can also test their backup provision with a click of a button providing reassurance that it would work if DR needs to be invoked or a restore performed.


Flexible and adaptable versus rigid and unwieldy

Businesses need to be able to adjust their business strategy to cope with changing internal and external pressures. From rapid data growth to the release of new legislation and regulation governing data protection, such as GDPR, firms need to be prepared for change. Legacy backup solutions often cannot adapt quickly and cost-effectively. The traditional legacy backup procurement model requires forecasting future requirements and buying a solution that is too big today but will be a tight fit in the future. This model ensures almost guarantees the solution will be inefficient for today’s needs whilst providing no guarantees of a good fit for tomorrow’s. The Redstor Pro solution offers almost unlimited scalability, allowing you to effortlessly scale your backup provision as your data grows. This scale out approach means you don’t need to invest in hardware based on predictions of future growth but instead can grow your backup estate as and when your business requirements grow.


Rapid technological innovation versus stagnation

There are numerous technological benefits to migrating away from legacy solutions. Tape and hardware based backup solutions have been in use for several decades and while the technology has become more efficient, genuine innovation has slowed dramatically. To upgrade a hardware based solution also requires time, money and effort. Redstor Pro features monthly releases and automated updates that incorporate enhancements as well as often adding new functionality. Redstor Pro development is driven by our customers and tested by a network of power users, ensuring that the technology develops in line with customer needs.


Rapid recovery versus lengthy downtime and time-consuming restores

When disaster strikes, you don’t want to have to wait hours to recover your data. Organisations cannot afford the cost of downtime, lost revenue, and reputational damage. However, many organisations are still using legacy backup solutions that necessitate finding the right backup media, indexing all backup media before a restore can occur, or waiting for an entire system to be rebuilt before data can be accessed. Redstor’s ground breaking InstantData technology provides you with immediate access to data, while it is retrieved from the cloud behind the scenes. By prioritising the streaming blocks of data when they are accessed, InstantData eliminates the need to wait for full files, databases or systems to be retrieved in order for users to start working on them.