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Why Redstor

Today's world is on demand - and your data management should be too.

Why Redstor

Today's world is on demand - and your data management should be too.

Data management that works in real time

Trying to identify, manage and control fragmented data is now a leading priority for all businesses as data becomes more intrinsically valuable.

Companies are demanding:

  • a centralised solution that unifies backup and recovery, archiving, and disaster recovery
  • simplified deployment and billing to radically reduce costs
  • better ways to comply with ever more stringent regulations
  • borderless visibility of all data
  • to be up and running in seconds, not days, in the event of a disaster

Tried and trusted

Industry-leading technology

Redstor is disrupting the world of data management with pioneering technology, which provides visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored.

Backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, search and insight, and data migration can now all be managed through a single control centre, on any device.

Trusted by more than 40,000 global customers across all industries, Redstor uses proven, leading technology to help you discover, analyse, control and protect your critical data – and it’s making downtime a thing of the past.

Demolish downtime

Business downtime is over – so too are high storage costs, siloed data, and difficult access.

Redstor is changing everything you know about data management.

  • Stream your data on demand

    Redstor ensures your data is always available, instantly, on any device.

  • Borderless visibility of your data

    A centralised view of all your data, everywhere, from anywhere.

  • Eliminate downtime

    Get up and running at the click of a button.

  • Smart data management

    Discover, manage, control and protect your data.

  • Liberate your IT team

    Simple to deploy and manage - in less time with fewer problems.

  • Transparent and predictable pricing

    Pay for what you use, scale up or down as you need to. No outlay. No hidden costs.

  • Proven and trusted technology

    A proven technology, trusted by more than 40,000 businesses globally.

Join the Redstor community

Clients have 24/7/365 access to a South Africa-based support team that draws on 20 years’ knowledge and experience within the storage and backup industry.

Redstor also provides managed services and industry-leading service level agreements to a wide range of businesses, across almost all industries.

We now have a sustainable and scalable solution and we no longer need to dedicate a highly skilled team member’s time to the backup process. Instead that time is now focused on driving value for the firm.

Charlie Muir, Head of IT, Hill Dickinson

  • Disaster Recovery

    The survival of your business could depend on how quickly you respond and recover from a disaster. Redstor helps meet your recovery targets with instant recovery. Traditional backup and recovery methods could take days or even weeks to get your data back. Redstor gives you the tools to get your users up and running instantly, while your data restores in the background.

  • Backup and Recovery

    Whether your data is on-premise, in the cloud or stored in a hybrid environment, Redstor’s pioneering InstantData™ provides on-demand access, allowing you to stream it in real time to any device, making downtime a thing of the past. With Redstor's unique, user-driven streaming technology, you don’t need to wait for a full recovery. At the click of a button, we get you up and running in seconds, not days.

  • Search and Insight

    Discover, search and action the entirety of your data. Redstor enables you to identify and mitigate data risks and reduce data storage costs by easily moving data to Redstor’s cloud archiving platform, which importantly has no impact on data accessibility. Redstor’s InstantData™ ensures all data can be streamed instantly on demand. Compliance with legislation and regulation, including the requirement to securely erase files from within backup and archive environments, is made simple and auditable.

  • Archiving

    Offload data to our highly secure cloud platform to manage and automate all your archiving requirements through a single interface. Eliminate delays in accessing archived data, whilst dramatically reducing primary storage costs and improving the return on investment of existing assets.

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