iRights for Children

Tue, 16/12/2014 - 07:47
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Last week, David Cameron delivered #weprotect, an online safety conference, which introduced iRights, the concept of the rights of children in today’s virtual world.

The conference was delivered shortly after Ofcom revealed that 12 – 15 year olds are spending more than 40 hours a week in front of a screen. In his speech Cameron said “there is a huge role for schools in helping to explain how to stay safe [online]” and has outlined plans which would force schools to include lessons on how to avoid danger online.

Filtering content on desktops, at home or at school, is no longer the answer. There are so many ways to access the Internet that just because one device has controls, does not mean that all the devices the child can access will do too. Besides, children have grown up with this technology; many are savvy enough to be able to bypass the filters should they wish. What is needed is a mixture of education and protection.

An approach aimed at doing just that is 'iRights'. It is based upon the United Nation's Right of the Child and has been adapted to focus on the online world. The principals within iRights are:

  • The Right to Remove - the right to remove content they created when they were too, for want of a better word, immature to know better
  • The Right to Know - the right to know how your data will be used clearly
  • The Right to Make Informed and Conscious Choices - the right to fully understand what happens online
  • The Right to Safety and Support
  • The Right to Digital Literacy - the right to fully understand how the Internet works

Redstor Safeguarding, powered by Securus Software, highlights potential child protection issues, empowering schools to provide an immediate informed response on issues which may otherwise go undetected. Redstor Safeguarding meets Ofsted recommendations by allowing pupils to use the latest technologies safely whilst ensuring that any safeguarding issues are captured, supporting a school’s legal duty of care. The software detects issues such as bullying, racial, homophobic and religious harassment, indicators of distress, inappropriate language, online grooming and sexual abuse and explicit images.

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